Why No One Gambles like Australians

Wondering Why No One Gambles like Australians?

If Australians aren’t the best at playing rugby, then they’re certainly the best at gambling. Casinos and purveyors of pokies have seen stark rises in revenue over the last few years because no one gambles like Australians. Horse racing has a brave and noble tradition. The largest race in the world, the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs, brought in nearly 300 million dollars in just one day. If the facts about Australian gamblers were ever a secret, it seems the world found out. The 2015 Melbourne Cup Carnival brought in $195 million dollars in tourism revenue alone. Australia’s Melbourne Cup, arriving November 6th in 2017, has broken revenue records every year for the past three years. From Perth to the Outback, rest soundly because we’ve sussed out that you can bet on sports racing with William Hill from anywhere in Australia.

Gambling Winnings Aren’t Taxed

Australia is the home to so many beloved booking companies because winnings are viewed as a stroke of luck instead of income. There are some countries out there which claim to be the best at everything, but they’ve got nothing on Australian gamblers. Over 1.4 billion dollars are gambled online every year in Australia. Gambling is practically a way of life for some Aussies who earn their livings on the tax break. A good poker player can use their luck to buy some extra toys for the tykes.

Some say that there may be a gambling problem in the country. However, when polled, most Australians confess that they do not see any issue with gambling of any variety, be it in person or via the internet. That is not to say that Australians don’t care about their fellows with a problem — there are many legislations being passed in 2017 to help these people!

The Aussie Government Cares About its Gamblers

Allowing casinos to get away with destroying the lives of few for extra revenue from casino taxes seems like a compelling enough reason to ignore those with gambling addictions, but Australia has done just the opposite. In 2017, the government drafted and signed a proposal which allows those with a gambling addiction to voluntarily opt of online gambling. The process is actually very simple: they put their name on a list and they’re banned from life! Anyone can do it and you don’t even need to prove that gambling is devastatingly crippling to you and your family. Most people don’t fall into this camp, but it’s nice to know that the government cares about making the situation better for those who suffer.

Australia is very different from most other countries in the world. The Aussie relationship to winning money on blind luck can illustrate that very clearly. Australians just don’t seem to be burdened by the same dilemmas as other countries… probably because they’re so busy thinking of funny sounding nicknames, but they also see gaming for what it is –  an occasionally profitable form of entertainment. While some world leaders would rather lie to their constituents than do something about the problem, Australia simply hasn’t! If you’re thinking of gambling online then you need look no place else than the prestigious William Hill. Their company has locations in five major countries but we’re pretty sure that they love Australia the most.