Australian Working Holiday Visas – the Ins and Outs

In Australia, industrial and commercial progress and development have been increasingly evident in the last few decades. The continent has become a hub of opportunities for people from all around the world. Whether they’re coming to pursue an education or employment, people – especially young people – have been coming to Australia and finding opportunities in a variety of fields.

Every year thousands of people visit Australia via its working holiday visa. It’s a specific type of visa issued to foreigners who are looking to visit Australia for anywhere from a couple of months to a year. The visa allows them not only to stay for up to 365 days, but also to find employment and legally work. You may have to pay taxes in the country and you shouldn’t forget to efile back home. But to obtain the visa, you’ve got to do your homework to find out the who, when and how’s of the program. Here are the in and outs to get you started if you’re considering an Australian working holiday visa.

Who Needs A WH Visa To Work in Australia?

Almost all foreign visitors need a working holiday visa to work in Australia. The Australian Government divides its WH visas into two subclasses, depending on the native country of the applicant. The differences between the two subclasses lie largely in whether a second WH visa may be applied for and information requested with the application. More information on the differences between the two types of WH visa can be found here.

What Is the Time Period Of Working Holiday Visa:

Typically, the Australian WH visa, once issued, is valid for one calendar year. Depending on the home country of the participant and the nature of the work done while Australia, the visa may be reissued for a second year.

What Is The Eligibility Criteria For Working Holiday Visa Australia? 

Regardless of home country, applicants must be between 18-30 years old to petition for a visa and may not be accompanied by dependent children. Typically, applicants who have already participated in the program are ineligible. Certain financial requirements must also be met, which are examined more closely below.

Are there Any Financial Requirements For Working Holiday Visa?

A person who is applying for the working Australia holiday visa must show proof of the availability of sufficient funds for both the return fare and the initial expenses of their stay. The person may be asked to show a bank statement as proof of financial assets.

Is Medical Examination Needed For Working Holiday Visa?

The need for medical examination in applying for working holiday visa depends on the home country of the applicant, and prolonged stays in countries with high rates of certain diseases may also be taken into consideration.

Australia boasts one of the most open and successful working holiday programs in the world, and people from all over the world head down under to take advantage. If the visa sounds like something you’re interested in, head to the WH visa section of the Australian Government’s website for more information.