5 Ways to See More of Australia for Less

Cycling in Melbourne

Australia is a vast, expansive country and there’s just so much of it to explore. You couldn’t see it all in a lifetime, but you can try to get as close as possible. But how can you rack up the travel miles without racking up a bill that will send you bankrupt? Here are five great ways to travel around Australia for less.


Any cyclist will tell you that cycling is the best way to travel – it gets you from A to B while fully immersing you in your environment and setting a physical challenge at the same time. Rather than zooming past Australia’s natural beauty, you get to travel alongside it, taking in the sights and smells close-up. Australia has lots of fantastic cycling routes and many travellers are not choosing to experience Australia from atop two wheels. Cycling is certainly a cheap way to travel but you’ve got to be fit and have the right equipment

Cross-Country Camper Van

Whether you hire one or buy one, it’s a fantastic option for Aussie touring. Put the windows down and hit the open road, stop at every interesting intersection, lookout and town, and when you get tired just find a campsite and settle in for the night. Stay as little or as long as you like at each new destination. There are so many caravan parks and campsites dotted all over Australia, from seaside to national park, even some in or around the cities. A camper means you take your hotel with you wherever you go, it’s pure freedom and just asking for adventure.

Small Ship Cruises

One of the most unique ways to explore Australia is from our waterways and vast stretches of coastline. Our rivers and beaches are amongst the most beautiful in the world. They’re teeming with life and allow access to some of the most beautiful and historical parts of our country. A small ship cruise like a trip on the paddlewheel boat replica the Murray Princess or gliding along the Great Barrier Reef under the billowing sails of the Coral Trekker sailing ship will create unforgettable memories and see you exploring Australia’s most incredible waterways and ocean reserves.

Cruising is great value as these amazing experiences come with accommodation, food, drink, entertainment and tours all combined into one package. There’s lots more info online about all the fantastic cruise options available around Australia.

Hostel Hopping

If you’re keen to be a part of the action while keeping your budget in check, then why not hostel hop your way through Australia’s country towns and cities. Just about everywhere you go, there’s a hostel for budget conscious backpackers and thrifty travellers. Whether you make your way between them by car, bus or train, it’s a great way to explore our rural towns and get amongst the action in our bustling cities. Best of all, hostels are social hotbeds; great places to meet new people, make lasting travel contacts and be part of the parties.

Budget Airlines

These days flying can be just as cheap of a way to travel as driving or catching a train. Keep an eye out for sales and cheap deals, you can be hopping between airports for the price of a tank of fuel. It’s a fast, simple, and effective way to zip all over the country, leaving you more time to lap up the atmosphere in your destination and less time on the road.

So, with all these great options to crawl around the country without breaking the budget, there’s no excuse not to explore your own backyard and see as much of this beautiful country as you can! Just make sure to apply for your Australia visa before traveling there to be safe.