Wix is the Perfect Website Creator for TechNomads

There are scores of companies out there to create your website with but Wix is the only website creator that is designed with your time in mind. If you’re planning on traveling or don’t want to be tied down to your computer then you’re going to need a content management system. Some CMS’s out there are great, but none of them are designed to be time efficient in the same way the Wix has been developed.

Wix has thousands of Apps, similar to plugins or components, that have been created in such a way that all the guesswork has been removed.  That means you have more time to dedicate to your other pursuits. With other platforms, you just can’t maximize your time as fully because they’re developed for customizability through code. Wix understands that most users would prefer solutions created for them. There is still a ton of customizability on Wix, but you won’t need to wade through thousands of pages of documentation to achieve your goals. Here are a few ways that you can create an amazing site on Wix without needing to spend 40 or hours developing it.

Make Posts From Your Phone

The Wix platform has been streamlined by allowing you to make blog posts from your phone which means that you can maintain your site from anywhere in the world. There are other platforms which allow you to have this feature, but you’ll sometimes need to find a third-party software to link to your site to be able to accomplish the same amount of goals.

With the Wix mobile app you’re able to write, edit, and publish blog posts directly from your phone. The App allows you to save drafts and post the content directly to your social media as well, or just schedule them to be posted later. In comparison to a CMS like WordPress, you’d need to integrate plugins to be able to link your posts to your social media through third party APIs. These third-party systems open up a ton of security vulnerabilities which has led WordPress to holding a unique distinction — the most hacked content management system in the world!

You’ll have more options and more control through the Wix website creator. Say goodbye to rebuilding your site after a hack or paying programmers to repair core files.

Even more amazing than that — the Wix mobile App comes complete with a Live Chat system that allows you to communicate directly to your visitors. You will no longer need to pay for chat systems or secure the code to integrate it yourself. The App has even more features that you’ll want to check out, like managing your online store.

Connect to the Global Website Creator Network

Wix had the foresight to create their “On The Road” Lounge. You can find input the city that you are in or select a city from 9 different regions all over the world. The Lounge is a free workshop effort created for the Wix network and their sessions will allow you to become more efficient with the Wix platform, giving you the ability to take your site to the next level!

The Lounge has special guest speakers that speak about specific topics that every website owner should be interested in to make their site better for their users. For instance, if you wanted to learn about creating content that converts users into sales — there’s a workshop for that! You’ll be able to enhance your business and build your site in the correct manner without being tied to one place. Chances are there is a workshop near you, so you should try it.

A Free SEO Strategy Guide

Search Engine Optimization has been incredibly important the build a userbase. You need to be able to build users organically or else you’ll be spending thousands on marketing. Some digital marketing agencies are incredibly expensive others do not guarantee results. It would take a keen eye, hours of learning, and a leap of faith to go this route. Fortunately, Wix has, again, made it easy for you to build your site correctly and at a rapid pace.

The guide allows you to input your keywords into their SEO App and then it creates a checklist for you to follow. If your site has not completed something on this checklist, you’ll know it and be given the tools to make your site optimized. On the sidebar of the built-in SEO App you’ll even be given access to helpful tutorial videos that give you the fundamentals of good SEO strategy.

Build Your Site with Wix and Achieve More, Faster

If you were on the fence about choosing Wix for your fast-paced lifestyle then you should be wary no more. This platform was designed for you to focus on what matters. Your website will look stylish and pull in users without needing to hire a programmer or marketer. Include every post on your social media and rest easy knowing that Wix has your back, no matter where you are in the world.