Four Ways Solopreneurs Supercharge Their Smart Phones for Productivity


Solopreneurs are constantly on-the-go.

However, how do we ensure that we stay organized as we move from Point A to Point B?

As more and more business continues to be conducted via mobile, it’s crucial that today’s incredibly busy freelancers and remote workers strive to make the most of their smart phones. Although such devices may have been labeled as time-wasters in the past, the numbers don’t lie regarding the booming world of mobile marketing. For starters:

  • The number of mobile users has recently surpassed desktop users
  • Mobile ad spending is on an exponential rise as more buyers are popping up on-the-go (58% year over year)
  • Mobile users are spending more time buying and less time browsing than ever before

With so much business being done via mobile, it’s crucial that you likewise strive to streamline your solopreneur lifestyle via your smart phone. Thankfully, there’s a wealth of apps out there to help get the job done, quite literally.

Whether you’re already glued to your iPhone or Android or simply want to get the most out of mobile business strategy, keep in mind the following four applications and approaches to supercharging your smart phone.

Use a Mobile Wallet

Beyond business, mobile devices offer incredible convenience to entrepreneurs trying to maximize their time and productivity. If you haven’t already, turn your smart phone into a bank card by investing in a mobile wallet app. Such apps are incredibly secure and represent a great way to get cash back on your mobile purchases.

Productivity Apps

Developers over the years have recognized the need for productivity apps to keep businesses booming even as we’re out of the office. Likewise, freelancers and remote workers thrive on such apps to ensure that they’re as efficient as possible. What sort of apps should be cornerstones of your mobile business?

Evernote represents a fantastic way to get your ideas on the proverbial page: the app’s robust note-taking capabilities allow users to document text, photos and handwritten notes alike to reference later (think: the perfect solution for copywriters and developers without a literal notebook)

  • Cloud storage solutions such as Dropbox, which allows you to access and store files from anywhere, not tied down by the restrictions of local servers
  • Collaboration apps such as Google Docs, which keep you connected to colleagues working on the same document or spreadsheet simultaneously

Connection Apps

Speaking of connectivity, there’s perhaps little more important to a successful business, a solo venture or otherwise, than communication. VOIP applications such as Skype allow you to conference with professionals in lieu of more informal “face-time” apps. Additionally, you can use quick messenger apps such as Google Talk or Facebook Messenger to keep in touch with personal or professional relationships.

 Have a Plan for Your Data

In order to ensure your productivity and connectivity, you’re going to need a solid data plan to make it happen. At the same time, there’s no need to overpay for your plan. You can calculate your data needs based on your current activity: for example, some data plans offer certain restrictions on tethering. Rather than incur needless fees or feel confined by your data plan, remain vigilant in finding a plan that works for you.

It’s rather incredible what we’re able to do on our smart phones as solopreneurs. With the right apps at your disposal, you can ensure that you get down to business and stay productive while on-the-go.