Will You Win a Sexual Assault Case or go to Prison?

To Win a Sexual Assault Case, you need quality legal representation
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If a sexual assault allegation is hanging over your heard, how hard do you plan to fight it?

For some people, they will fight with everything possible to not only avoid jail time, but also work to restore their reputation.

With that being the case, it is important that you simply do not throw away all you have worked for up to this point.

In hiring the best available criminal defense attorney, you strengthen your chances of either getting the charges dismissed altogether or at least coming up with a plea deal both you and the prosecution can live with.

So, with everything on the line for you and your future, will you win a sexual assault case or go to prison?

Hiring the Right Attorney is Key

In order to enhance your chances of the end result coming out in your favor, it all starts and ends with hiring the best sexual assault attorney in Houston or one closer to where you call home.

Once you hire them, make sure to work as closely as possible with them, providing them with any and all evidence and statement necessary to bolster your defense.

Your defense should focus on several key areas, among these being:


  • Evidence – First and foremost, what kind of evidence are you expecting the prosecution to come forward with? Unless they have a slam dunk case, your defense attorney should be able to poke some holes in the other side’s case. Look for any inconsistencies in the alleged victim’s story, any evidence that directly points to your innocence (video evidence that you were in another location at the time the alleged sexual assault took place, eyewitness testimony from someone verifying they were with you in another locale when the reported assault happened etc.) While you and your attorney never want to blame an alleged victim, do they have any history whatsoever of crying wolf, that is essentially making up charges that clearly do not stick? While the prosecution is likely to zero-in on DNA evidence, do all you and your side can to discredit such evidence;

  • Background – What kind of positive background can you and your attorney put forth in defending you? If you have never had a run-in with the law before, this definitely needs to be brought up. If you have any kind of sexual assault allegations on the record in your past, you’re obviously not going to be able to hide them. You and your attorney need to focus on making sure the prosecution does not try and label you as someone who thinks they can get away with sexual assault whenever they want to;

  • Character – Having people come forward to speak highly of your character is also an important piece of the puzzle in trying to defend you. If you are someone who is held with rather high regard in the community, the workplace, your family etc. that should certainly be noted. The character of the alleged victim also should be noted, that is once again without going on a major victim blaming attack;

  • Plea – Lastly, in the event it appears your case is not going to go in your favor, you and your legal team need to do everything within reason to win the best plea deal possible. Given how the thought of spending a number of years in prison should not be comforting, you want to work a deal that involves minimal prison time (perhaps house arrest and/or community time/probation over prison time). This is where having an experienced and determined criminal defense attorney proves so critical, so make sure he or she will fight to the end for you.


Whether the sexual assault allegations came from someone you knew (family member, friend, co-worker etc.), a dating experience, or even someone you just met, they are always to be taken with the utmost seriousness.

With the thought of spending time behind bars hanging over you, don’t quit fighting for your freedom.

In the end, what will happen may very well be out of your control, but the time and effort you and your legal counsel put into defending you, that is something you both control.