Exhausted By Your Search For Child Support? Call The Enforcement Experts

When your ex ghosts on you and withholds critical child support payments, their malicious act affects your life like a pebble ripples a pond. Most immediately, you may not have enough money to provide the life your children deserve and have to rely on financial assistance and strict budgets to get by. Less readily noticeable is your attitude.

Living without the support you need wears you down, leaving your unprepared to deal with other, happier moments in your life. When you’ve been stilted by your ex, it can be hard to find the heart to be happy for your friends who are having babies. And you can forget about feeling excited for George and Amal Clooney welcoming twins.

If you’re tired of the power your MIA ex has over your life, it’s time you speak with a child support enforcement agency. These companies work on your behalf to find your non-custodial parent and convince them to make good on their payments.

How do they differ from the state office that’s in charge of your file? Since they’re a private company, their budget differs wildly from a public agency reliant on scarce government funding (made even thinner by the recent cuts out of the White House). A private child support collection agency has more resources, so they can care for those cases that need a little extra attention.

They have lawyers who can navigate the legal waters surrounding your support, so they know exactly what you’re due. They have investigation specialists who conduct research and interviews to track down missing NCPs. And they have enforcement specialists who can grill your NCP like they were James Comey in front of the Senate Intel Committee with the aim to negotiate payments. If they’re unsuccessful, they can put liens on property and garner wages in order to get the money you’re owed.

Even the toughest cases can benefit from their help. On average, these companies are far more successful tracking down errant NCPs and back child support than public offices, making them an essential opportunity for those with missing exes who haven’t provided financial support in years.

Remember this the next time you realize life without support has made you into a person you don’t want to be. Contact the experts, and get your life back on track with the help of a child support collection agency. Your children will finally have the backing they need in order to thrive, and you’ll feel like yourself again!