Top Backpack Technology Every Traveller Needs

Backpacking Made Easy: Technology to Aid the Modern Backpacker 

Journeying as a backpacker has always been a rewarding yet tumultuous form of travel. Navigating yourself throughout foreign landscapes with minimal space for equipment can prove to be a difficult task.

Luckily, backpackers living in the 21st century have the option of enjoying technology as a helpful aid to make the traveling journey as easy as possible. Life for the modern backpacker, thanks to technology and the nifty gadgets which come from it, has never been more practical!

These examples below of backpacker friendly technology may just become the most beloved travel companions of adventurers in the modern age.

1.) Portable Charger 

In 2021, having a charged smartphone proves to be an essential tool in everyday life, especially if you want to play at rush games casino. When traversing an unknown landscape, this tool only becomes more vital. Whether you are attempting to find directions to a hostel, aiming to communicate with a street vendor in a foreign language or simply needing to access your banking details, a working smartphone serves as a key instrument to help make all of these tasks easier.

Therefore, having a portable charger at hand to ensure the use of your phone is undoubtably a good idea- particularly for long flights and bus rides where normal charging ports are not guaranteed to be available. Portable chargers are also generally compact, decently priced and fairly durable- a backpacker’s dream.

2.) Water Filtration Straw 

Water is perhaps our most vital necessity as human beings; the backpacker’s problem is its heavy to carry! However, new technology has provided a convenient solution to this issue through the development of a straw which manages to filter water from any source.

Whether you’re drinking questionable tap water from a restaurant or quenching your thirst by a river in the mountains, this device can be used easily and quickly to satisfy the traveller’s thirst. The best part about it is that it takes up very little space in a backpack and can be reused many times.

3.) Cardsharp: Credit Card Knife 

The act of travelling is filled with various challenges which may spring up at any moment’s notice. Thus, it is always best to remain prepared for any situation that life may throw your way- including emergency circumstances. The Credit Card Knife, with its subtle and compact nature allows backpackers to have a sharp tool at hand that fits right into a wallet.

Looking like a normal card, this sharp tool can be whipped out quickly and used for self-defence. It also serves well in the more mundane tasks of backpacking life, such as cutting food in a hostel kitchen which has run out of clean knives! Just be sure to check out your destinations laws regarding knives before bringing this practical tool along for your adventures.

4.) Portable Mosquito Repeller 

Mosquitos prove to be a menace when travelling, particularly if you are exploring the wild and camping amongst the elements. The act of repelling them successfully is an essential element to a good night’s rest and therefore must be taken seriously. Bug Spray, although well-loved and still used by modern society certainly has its downfalls. It takes up considerable space in a backpack, has to be reapplied throughout the day and runs out faster than you know it.

Thankfully, modern travel technology has developed a compact device which does the job much more conveniently. Requiring no batteries or outlets, portable mosquito repellers will clear your immediate area of these pests using modern technology.

5.) Workaway, Skyscanner And Other Apps For Backpackers 

Along with the constant development of technology comes the highly useful creation of applications to use on a smartphone. Apps developed specifically for backpackers are abundant in 2021 and serve as useful tools for all areas of travelling abroad.

Workaway aims to help backpackers find accommodation in exchange for labour, Skyscanner assists you in finding the cheapest flights, MapsMe allows travellers to use downloaded apps offline and XE Currency helps you to stay up to date with exchange rates without the use of the internet. The sublime news is these are only a few examples of the latest app technologies designed for convenient backpacking travel!

The Bottom Line 

Travelling for the modern backpacker is significantly easier than it was for past generations of adventurers. The development of technology has created tools which truly change the game of the backpacking experience through the nature of compact and convenient design which ultimately allows you to spend more time enjoying the thrill of travel and less time grappling with the hardships of exploring on a budget.

With new travel technology emerging all the time, it’s a good idea to make the most of these convenient gadgets and in turn, enjoy your travels to the fullest as a 21st century adventurer.