HIDITION’s Great Journey to Gaming Industry Begins Now

HIDITION, an audio device manufacturer especially famous for its In-Ear Monitors, launched its new gaming earbuds, T-1, on Kickstarter. While HIDITION focused on In-Ear Monitors (IEM), NT-1, NT-6, and Viento are gathering positive responses worldwide in their excellent design and sound quality. But, It is their first time stepping into the game industry. In order to launch T-1, HIDITION analyzed their data on users’ ear-molds design preferences that have been collected for 17 years and found the most comfortable fit. They have provided the highest level of reliable sound that encompasses the various need of audio enthusiasts and professional musicians through IEMs. As a result, the all-inclusive ergonomically designed earset was brought to life.

Sound Quality, Backed by HIDITION

HIDITION GAMING’s goal is to bring acoustic solutions to the gaming experience. All the members of HIDITION GAMING are gamers. Thus, they truly understand the significance of their earbud’s qualities. HIDITION has developed their one-of-a-kind tunes comparable with the latest sound technologies like 5.1 Ch, 7.1 Ch, Dolby Atmos, DTS. By the sound shielding technology of HIDITION, T-1 minimizes the electric output noises of high-tech gaming consoles/pcs. It provides its users with steady input/output levels. HIDITION’s tuning brings a whole new level of expertise in T-1 and its future innovations.

World’s First Ergonomic Design¬†

Gamers often experience issues like overheating, itchiness, and heaviness when wearing conventional gaming audio devices. HIDITION didn’t overlook it. It challenged a comfortable gaming experience for prolonged use based on their 20 years of earphone manufacturing data. Through research and test of ergonomic experts in HIDITION, T-1 is made adjustable to whatever your ear and head shape like. Its 4-leveled weight distribution designs enable users to concentrate on the game without discomfort like itchiness and heaviness from prolonged usage. The T-1 will also be tightly sealed to your facial curves and won’t interfere with your activities since its earphones or mics will not fall out or loosen up and move around.¬†It will give you the comfort you never experienced, which is possible only because it is HIDITION made.

The Beginning of HIDITION GAMING

T-1 is made with the essence of HIDITION’s philosophy and advanced technology. HIDITION does not settle down and tries to move further because of its desire for better sound quality and advanced user experiences. HIDITION’s passion for better sound quality doesn’t seem to stop. I assume the future of HIDITION GAMING be promising by the launch of this high-quality and ergonomically designed earset.

Will You Be Part of Their Great Journey?

T-1, the first child of HIDITION GAMING and the world’s first ergonomically designed high-quality gaming earset, is now on Kickstarter. Don’t miss out on this chance to up your gaming like a real pro.