Why Can’t Common Cold Be Cured

Common Cold

Talking of other viruses that include smallpox, ear infections, urinary tract infection among other serious illnesses can be treated. But the question that many have asked is why haven’t the cure for colds been found yet.  

And what is even more shocking is the fact that even the other different types of flue has a cure. But the lowly cold has no cure, unbelievable. Some have come to the conclusion that inventors have come up with the theory that lowly colds are not as important. But that is false. Keep reading and find out why we still have runny noses in winter.

We know that you can’t really enjoy your online casino gambling if you aren’t feeling well. Read on to find out more about common colds.

Cracking the code is hard

Scientist haven’t been sitting and not doing anything. But have been looking for the cure from 1950 the hassle is still on until present day. According to scientist cracking the cold is not just a key to on lock. But instead to a lot. A call is made up of a lot of strains and the issue and finding a cure for each strain and putting it on one drug.

But aren’t we thankful that some of these locks have been attempted to be unlocked. The reason why you can have a drug that can ease the pain and make the cold go away but not permanently. As one can trigger it to reoccur.

There is still hope that we hold on to as other researchers have mentioned that they are looking for compounds to cure the cold after the infection. Barlow says “Our immune systems release these compounds after an infection, and they are able to attack the virus or prevent it from replicating. And at the moment these peptides degrade pretty quickly, so he is trying to find a way to stabilize them so they can be taken as a drug.”

In conclusion

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But again if you are one of those people that do not believe in drugs then you can use natural remedies from natural foods they will heal you in no time.