Important Things You Should Consider Before Breast Augmentation

One of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world is breast augmentation, a surgery which thousands of women around the world use, in order to enhance, re-model or improve the shape of their breasts. Many years ago this was a procedure which only the rich and famous could afford but we now live in a world where this kind of surgery is more accessible and cheaper, than it has ever been before.

Just last year I became one of those women who have undergone this procedure and here in OC breast augmentation is all the rage. I decided on this operation because I have, for many years, felt self conscious about my small chest, and the procedure has greatly changed my life. If you have been considering such a procedure, here are some of the most important things which you should be thinking about.


One of the single most important things which you ought to think long and hard about are your reasons for wanting to have this procedure done. Despite what you may think, there are right and wrong reasons to have this kind of surgery completed and whilst you are within your rights to do whatever you want with your body, it is worthwhile considering why you are looking to change it. The big no-no here is undergoing such surgery in order to keep up with the latest fashion or your friends, doing it for this reason could leave you regretting your decision.


Your expectations ahead of your procedure should most definitely be realistic, and speaking with your surgeon is the best way for you to gain an understanding as to what exactly you should expect. For example you won’t be able to jump up in size by more than 2 cup sizes, as this can be very unhealthy for the body. If your breasts are misshapen, the surgeon may be able to help them look better, but perhaps not exactly how you would want them. Speak at length with the clinic before you go in, so that you know exactly what to expect.

Right Clinic

There are huge differences between cosmetic clinics and it is vital that you put the time and energy into finding the very best that you can. You should be searching the internet, speaking with friends and family and attending appointments in order to find the very best clinic for you. The perfect clinic means that you will have a better experience overall, you can count on the best practices and methods, as well as minimising your chances of anything going wrong. There are hundreds of clinics and surgeons to choose from, but it is up to you to work out which one is both the highest quality, and the best fit for you.

Make sure that you think long and hard about this procedure before you make your decision. This is a quick and relatively safe operation, but there is still much to consider before you eventually sign on the dotted line.