Which Type of Entrepreneur do You Want to Be?  

Entrepreneurship is something that almost everyone would love to get involved in, the idea of launching your own product or business and it becoming a sensation is attractive to anyone. Add to that the allure of riches and possible fame and it’s easy to understand why it is a career that many seek.

If you want to become an entrepreneur then you need to ensure that you not only have what it takes, but are prepared to work hard to really make it a success. There are various types of entrepreneurs, from the experts who involve themselves heavily in social entrepreneurship like Rene Escobar Bribiesca to those who look to build something and move onto the next thing in a heartbeat. So what type of entrepreneur do you want to be? Here we take a look at a few different styles.


 The Innovator

The innovators of this World are the ones who are heavy on creativity, always looking to create something new for the marketplace. These entrepreneurs are not necessarily business-savvy, this is usually something that they learn as they go, what they do understand perfectly however is products. Having a firm understanding of what type of product can be successful and how to create something that fits people’s needs is a great skill to have, and one that is possessed by few.

The Builder

The builder is the type of entrepreneur who knows how to take businesses from an acorn and turn it into a huge, successful tree. Having a strong understanding of the industry and sector that you are working in and having both the skills and the tools to see gaps in the market and exploit them. In order to be a builder you need a ruthless business brain, strong connections and to be able to take swift decisions. Being bold is also one of the key characteristics of the builder, nothing ventured nothing gained.

The Opportunist

The opportunist is the entrepreneur with a nose that can sniff out money from a kilometer away, they seize opportunities and turn them into quick cash. People like Richard Branson can be put into this category, an opportunist uses all of their business acumen to spot things that others have failed to see. Much of the characteristics of the opportunist are about a natural instinct but you can learn these skills by watching others and learning from how they operate. Opportunism isn’t just about picking up a business for $1 and turning into a multi-million dollar corporation, the same skills can be used at lower levels. Perhaps there is a factory going out of business and you can do a great deal on their dead stock or perhaps you find a way to employ writers for your website fro free using trials etc. There is always opportunity out there, you just need to find it.


Specialist entrepreneurs stick to what they know best, and focus solely on that. They are not necessarily all-round businessmen but they understand their industry, their products and their customers perfectly. Whilst some try to be a jack of all trades, the specialist becomes master of one, these types of entrepreneurs are the ones who go on to become industry experts. To be a specialist you must be committed to your sector, and you must be passionate about it, if you aren’t in love with what you do then you will never have the desire to learn everything about your chosen sector.