Top 5 Careers in the Finance Industry

About to graduate from your business program, but have no idea what career you want to get into out of college? If you are stuck, this post is for you.

In this article, we’ll suggest five different professions that will appeal to those of varying interests. Hopefully, you’ll find something that catches your eye in the paragraphs below.


1) Investment Banker

If you have a knack for investing, then finding growth opportunities for high net worth individuals and corporations might be the career for you. The past five years have been a great time for investment bankers, as the Dow Jones Industrial Average has almost tripled in value from the bottom of the last bear market.

Marc J Leder got his start in the financial industry as an investment banker, and he used what he learned in this sector as leverage to attain the success that he enjoys today. Perhaps you can do the same!

2) Financial Advisor

The turbulent markets of the past decade has shaken the average American’s confidence in investing. As a result, most have no clue what to do with their money, except leaving it to rot in savings accounts that give them no more than 0.5% per year.

Furthermore, the increasing ranks of the retired means that there are no shortage of Boomers that are looking for guidance on how to navigate their golden years without going broke. As a financial advisor, you will be their lighthouse on a dark, stormy night, preventing them from wrecking their financial ship on the rocks that lie just beneath the surface of this ocean we call life.

3) Financial Analyst

Individuals aren’t the only parties that need financial guidance. There are plenty of businesses that would rather spend their time focusing on their core strengths than attempting to forecast what lies ahead in the markets of tomorrow.

As a financial analyst, your educated opinion on likely economic conditions five to ten years down the road will allow these companies to act with greater confidence, allowing them to outperform their competitors.

4) Insurance Agents

The world has always been a turbulent place, with different threats to stability in each era. As such, there has always been and always will be demand for insurance agents. Looking forward into the future, health insurance will be hot as Boomers will need coverage for the health problems that will inevitably crop up.

Additionally, the unpredictable climate that has resulted from years of human-caused global warming have everyday people worrying about losing their home to a wildfire, hurricane or a tornado. By promoting policies that protect against these threats, property insurance agents will have no trouble making big commissions in the years to come.

5) Real Estate Agents

If we had made the suggestion just five years ago, you probably would have laughed at us. However, with the horror of the housing collapse of 2008 well behind us, the recovery that we are now experiencing has made this profession viable again.

After sitting on the sidelines for many years, Americans are now looking to get back into real estate. With plenty of inventory to choose from, there are no shortage of properties for new real estate agents to market to potential buyers.