FINO, an ideal equipment for firefighters to save more life.

When someone thinks of firefighters, many things come to mind, including bravery and dedication.

Imagine all the young children running around the town on Halloween wearing red plastic firefighter hats. There was always one classmate or friend who wished to become a firefighter when they grew up, even when you were a child. The work of firefighters is inspirable. Every day they encounter new threats and fight against them.

They are aware that there is a possibility that things won’t turn out as planned. Nevertheless, they persist and carry it out. General Norman Schwarzkopf once said, “True courage is being afraid, and going ahead and doing your job anyhow, that’s what courage is.”

Firefighters are among the most dedicated public servants we have. They may go for days without seeing their family because they are committed to their goal of protecting the citizens they serve at any costs. Only few of us can understand the kind of commitment that person has to their work.

Did you know that number of firefighters are keep decreasing annually? Think about their working environment. Dangerous and exhausting are the two words that can explain their job. Will there be any way we can help them? Introducing FINO’s Smart Nozzle, an ideal equipment for firefighters.

Introducing FINO’s Smart Nozzle, a true innovation for the dedicated firefighters.

The Smart Nozzle, created by the business FINO, removes all torque when a large amount of water is sprayed out of the hose. They have a patented technology that enables a nozzle to use a unique water pressure regulating cartridge to completely remove any upward torque. This allows one firefighter to manage the hose because only the straight reaction force needs to be controlled, leaving the downward reaction force to the nozzle. Moreover, it lowers the reaction force by around 30% and assists in minimizing a firefighter’s tiredness when spraying water.

Are you sure about you and your community is not in danger?

Even if an unexpected occurrence only sometimes happens, being prepared will always be helpful. Consider having a nozzle in your home, place of business, place of employment, farm, etc. The local fire station may be too far from your home or there may not have been any firefighters on duty when you called them in an emergency. Find the nearest fire hydrant and get ready with a hose and FINO Smart Nozzle to prevent the worst-case situation.

Presenting this Smart Nozzle as a gift to devoted firefighters is another way to help and give back to your community. Your contribution of the nozzle, whether you do it on your own or by asking for donations from your neighbors, will surely help your neighborhood fire station, which is suffering from a manpower shortage.

You are lucky enough to find FINO’s Smart Nozzle on Indiegogo!

FINO’s Smart Nozzle was recognized for its performance in exhibitions like USA FDIC, Hannover intershutz, and 2022 Fire Expo Korea after receiving a number of performance evaluations. They took part in these exhibitions with their prototype. They also distributed their prototype items with no cost to Korean fire stations so that they could assess the effectiveness, and the results were very impressive.

Why not prepare for an unexpected threat and protect your health and safety at a far lower cost than you would normally pay? Moreover, how about showing your neighborhood your genuine interest for them? Go to Indiegogo and type in “FINO” to find out more information.