Travis Cadman – The Importance of Investing in Your Garden

Prior to moving up to Alberta, Canada my family and I lived in many locations across the USA and one thing which never had in any of those homes was a nice garden. This had gone on for so long that in fact I never considered investing cash in renovating the garden area. Here in Alberta, at least where we live, the gardens are immaculate, they look great and I’d be a fraud if I didn’t tell you that I was very envious. I had already gone to a financial lender to secure some funds for a home renovation and although I did feel envious, I just couldn’t justify spending more on the garden too. After a chat with one of my neighbors Travis Cadman, an expert gardener, he offered to do me a great deal on some renovation work in the garden. I decided to give it a go and I was just blown away with the results. 

If you have a garden space which is looking a little worse for wear, here is why I would massively recommend that you invest some cash and get it looking great again. 


If you have kids and you don’t have a garden in which they can play then you are doing them a great disservice, and so was I. Kids absolutely love playing outdoors and what better way to allow them to do that than to give them a beautiful garden space where they can enjoy their time. Our kids love inviting friends over to play in the sand box outside, or to jump around on the grass playing sports. This was something which my kids were missing out on but now they can enjoy the garden just like we can. 

Showing Off

I am not one of those people who wants to have the most beautiful house in the neighborhood but to be completely honest I do like having people comment on how nice the garden looks. The envy which I previously had about other people’s gardens has now gone, and I like to think that ours induces a little envy from others. 


 I have always liked to invite neighbors over for a drink or a meal and now that we have this amazing outdoors space I love t get the neighbors over to spend some time in the garden. Not only does this use the space well but it creates a lovely place to enjoy some company. 

Lost Space

Remember that you own that outdoors space and if you are not using it then you are essentially losing a part of the home. Imagine if you had a room in the home which was constantly off-limits, that would be completely absurd. Unfortunately if we have a garden space which isn’t usable then this is tantamount to having that room that nobody can enter. 

Don’t think twice, if you have an outdoor area, invest in it and turn it into something beautiful and something which is usable.