Maintaining a Happy Home in 2020

‘Happiness’ might not be the key term that most of us use to describe 2020, but we can at least try our upmost to make things happen for ourselves.

We might not have the flexibility that we once had, and we might not know when a sense of normality is going to come around. However, what we do know is that we are probably going to spend more time in our homes – and this is going to be the topic for today.

One only has to analyze Google trends to see the upturn in popularity for terms related to home improvement. Whether it is window dressings or furniture, the market has exploded in popularity. Most of us are spending more time than we ever have in our homes and we want to enjoy them again.

Granted, everybody’s ‘happy principles’ are going to be different, but today is going to blanket the topic and showcase some of the easiest hacks you can turn to in relation to making your home a happier space. Hopefully, armed with this knowledge, you won’t just implement some of the suggestions, but perhaps be inspired to think of similar others.

Buy into the declutter mantra

It is something that has been thrust into the spotlight over the last few years – but you really should believe everything you hear about decluttering.

We’re by no means suggesting that you should live by minimalistic design principles; this certainly isn’t for everyone (and is bordering on impossibly for a typical family).

However, there’s nothing wrong with updating your home and keeping only the items that you truly need. Some people use the ‘6-month rule’ – disposing items that they have not used in the past few months. Others might shrink or expand this timeframe. Regardless, the options are utterly flexible and rather than throw items away, some people might even decide to check storage prices as a temporary solution.

Do everything you can to take advantage of natural light

Hopefully, reducing the number of your items will help with this next point! After all, if you have great bulky furniture all over the place, the chances of natural light blessing your room are slim to say the least.

Of course, it doesn’t just stop with furniture and there are plenty of other suggestions. Choosing the right window blinds is one solution and rather than turn to thick, bulky curtains, you might need a meet-in-the-middle solution like Venetian blinds which can strike a balance between privacy and natural daylight.

Or, it might be about rebounding light around your home more easily. Some might use mirrors to achieve this, while others will turn to lightly toned walls.

Regardless, the more natural light that is allowed to prosper in your home, the better your mood.

Separate work and pleasure

This final point only applies to those of you who are working from home – but it can be significant. Particularly if you have a smaller home, it can be difficult to separate work from pleasure when you log off on an evening or weekend.

There are a lot of concerns that more and more people will fall into this trap as the working from home phenomenon grows. Try and separate your workspace from ‘normal life’. Some of you will find this easier via a dedicated home office room, while for others it might mean hiding away your work desk, or at least being able to clear it when you clock off for the day.