These Travel Apps Show You How to Hang out with Locals

Traveling to new places is a great way to experience the beauties of the world: you can find new friends, see sights you’ve never seen before and witness cultures that are very different from your own. Whether you’re visiting the next city over or jetting halfway around the world, travel can open your eyes to the wonders of life.

Sometimes, though, you may find it tough to find an “authentic” experience. Relying on popular travel guides and visiting the “tourist” destinations may leave you feeling unfilled. The good news is that there are hundreds of apps that can help find the authentic feel of a place, just like the locals. Here are a few of the better ones.

Field Trip

What better way to learn about a destination that to feel as if you have a travel guide right next to you as you explore? This app does just that, giving you interesting and important information as you travel around.

Available in over 150 cities around the world, the app will let you know when you’re in an area of historical interest by popping up a card on your phone, giving you all of the need-to-know facts. This includes museums, historical monuments, buildings of interest and more. You can even use your speakers or headphones and the app will read the entries for you.

But the app isn’t just limited to historical info: it will tell you popular places to eat and local bars, so you will always know where to go to hang out with the locals.

Party With a Local

The name of this meetup app says it all. What better way to experience the local scene that hanging out with locals themselves?

Available in 160 countries around the world, you just enter your information and the app will connect you with locals who want to hang out. You tell them what you feel like doing — hitting the bars, finding a nice restaurant, listing to local music — and other members in the area will be alerted.

This is not, however, a dating app. This is strictly for people who want to get a taste of the local nightlife from people in the know.

Automatic Call Recorder for Me

If you find yourself on the phone a lot when you travel, then this call recorder app is for you.

Automatic Call recorder lets you record any calls to phone, from those on your contact list to unknown numbers. This can be helpful if you connect with a local and they tell you important information over the phone. You can bookmark points in a conversation for easy recall later (for directions, meeting times, etc.) and you can store your recordings by date and time or by contact.

This app eliminates the need to take notes during a phone call, so you can focus on having fun in your travel destination.

Next time you feel like traveling, try these apps and you may actually feel like a local.

Gabriel Brooks enjoys travel and emersing himself in new cultures. He travels for both business and pleasure, often combining the 2 in 1 extended trip, and writes about his travels and tips online.

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