Top 5 Questions to Ask If You Need a Blog Niche

Many blogs start off with great ideas and lots of imagination, but unfortunately readers are not fans of endless rambling without a purpose. If you find yourself in this position as a blog owner, it is best to organize yourself and to find a blog niche on which to dwell. Once you have a niche, you can create a concrete plan and set your goals and objectives, thus overcoming the “just another blog” phase. Ask yourself these questions and see where you end up!

What’s Special about Your Blog?

Regardless of your domain, you should ask yourself what makes your blog different. Most likely there are (many) other similar blogs with pretty much the same topics. So why should a reader choose you? Try narrowing down your niche as much as you can, but find something special and unique.

Is the Subject Your Passion?

You will always be informed on a subject that is at the same time your passion. Picture yourself waking up in the morning with a sketch for a new blog post on this topic. If this doesn’t sound far from reality, then you’re on the right track!

Are You a Leader?

Readers always look up for leaders to follow and for thought influencers. If you deliver high quality content, as well as stating your ideas clearly, you might even become a new trendsetter or leader for your niche. As long as you have the right niche, the passion and your readers, nothing can stand in your way!

Who Is the Ideal Reader?

Just like when writing a letter, you have to know exactly who you’re writing for. Who is going to read your content, and even more important, who is going to like it? What age do they have, what occupations, how often do they come online and read you? Will they talk to their friends about what you wrote yesterday? Try to answer all these questions and see if it helps narrow it down.

What Other Blogs Are You Reading?

You shouldn’t worry too much about reading or not reading one of your rivals. The great thing about blogs is that each of them has its unique flavor, so there aren’t two identical blog online. Instead, you should try analyzing them objectively and see what is it that they’re lacking, or maybe what is it that you’re lacking. By reading other blogs, not only you will find out new trends or opinions, but you can also be one step ahead of the others by bringing something different to the table. You can even be friends with similar bloggers and find a friend in them!