Top Travel Destinations for Students

Harvard University by Jacob Rus (Creative Commons)

Studying at university can get pretty hectic; you’re setting your own path through the academic world, potentially living on your own terms out of home, undertaking some sort of internship or work experience, balancing a job – all the while trying to get your assessment in on time. Fortunately, all of this is forgotten about as soon as the semester break kicks in. It’s a chance to unwind, catch up on all those missed episodes of Game of Thrones, and head away on an overseas adventure. If the latter sounds like you, here are the top destinations for students to head on break.

The European tour

This is the place to venture if you are in need of new scenery and an action-packed adventure. As a student, you can get a good discount on a tour through Europe, especially if jump on board the Contiki train. Just bear in mind that you will be kept on a tight schedule because you are fitting in 10 countries into 25 days. But the experience will be worth it. You will make new friends, try new things and make great memories.
Since you will constantly be on the move, it’s wise to invest in a suitcase that is not only durable but is also securable. Tourists are a massive target for pick-pockets, and having your luggage ransacked isn’t an enjoyable experience. If you’re in need of secure luggage, sites like Luggage Direct can give you good idea of what’s available in the market.

New York

The big apple is definitely a great travel spot. You can finally try an oversized greasy hotdog, find a relaxing picnic spot in Central Park, and overall – experience a city that never sleeps. Other New York highlights include shopping at Tiffany & Co at Macy’s, riding the subway, seeing the Statue of Liberty and standing in the middle of Times Square.

Dubrovnik Old City in Croatia by Greenweasal (Creative Commons)


If you’re not into the mainstream way of things, Croatia is the ideal destination that will keep your bank account happy even upon your return home. A favourite spot among travellers is Dubrovnik. Hostels here start at $11 a night. A good time to venture here is in July or August because of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival. Croatia also boasts an enviable scuba diving scene, with picturesque beaches, and underwater spectacles including shipwrecks, and unique sea life.


If a country embedded in deep spiritual energy is more your scene, then India should be at the top of your list. Rated as one of the most budget friendly countries in the world, basic accommodation starts at as little as three dollars per night. Immerse yourself in the chaotic streets, practice yoga at sunrise, visit the Taj Mahal, and treat your palate with the local cuisines. Early March, is when the International Yoga Festival is hosted in Rishikesh – a festival dedicated rejuvenating your mind, body, and soul.

What is your ultimate travel destination? Let us know in the comments below.