Get Your Online Business Off The Ground With Wix

If you have had a great idea for an online business then you may be struggling with exactly where to start. Thankfully for you, we have put this handy guide to what is on offer with online website builder Wix to create a stunning, all firing and functional website for your business idea. The website will be core to everything that you do online, it will be your shop window, your store and ultimately, the face of your business and your brand.

Social media, SEO and marketing strategies will be vital to growing your business but without a beautiful website for all of these mediums to send your customers to, these efforts could prove somewhat fruitless. The great thing about creating a site using a website builder like Wix is that you really don’t need to have any in-depth knowledge about back or front end website technology, you just need a dream, a great idea and a vision for how your website will look and what it will do. Let’s get started then and see just what this company can offer you and your business.

Getting Started and Support

Even with no prior knowledge of coding or technical website knowledge, you can create a beautiful website. Six have thousands of different themes which you can choose from that can be tweaked to your liking with ease. If you want to alter a color, change a font, move a menu or any other design changes that you feel work best with your site then the website builder function allows you to do this with ease. When it comes to problems, you have nothing to worry about, not only does Wix have a direct support but they also offer a comprehensive forum where you will find some website gurus across the World who can help you resolve an issue.

Customer Service

Naturally you will want your website to offer your customers the best possible service, regardless of what it is that your website offers. That is why Wix is such a great option, you can find eCommerce functionality here so that you can directly sell stuff from your site. You can add a booking application which allows people to buy tickets for events. If you want your customers to get in touch then you can easily add the live chat feature which will enable you to be able to deal with your client’s request in real time or you could even add the Wix free call feature so that customers can call direct from the site. Six also enables you to easily open your site up to receive reviews from happy clients or disgruntled customers and you can reply directly in order to help them out.

Promoting Yourself

Wix makes it very easy for you to sing and shout about your business, on the website you can add several photos and videos which tell customers who you are and what you do with absolute ease. When it comes to marketing your product, you can use applications like ShoutOut, a brilliant app that pulls content directly from your site and sends it to your customers as part of your email marketing campaign. The functional social media apps on Wix will allow you to instantly post across websites like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, directly from the site.

Additional Features

The list of features and applications that you can make use of with Wix is vast and whatever it is that your business needs, you can bet that there is a feature which can give you it. Wix websites allow you to customize your domain name, they offer full mobile optimization so that people can find you on the go and there is very little restrictions on your website as to what you can do with your pages regarding multimedia. Running the website is very easy and regardless of your online experience, you won’t need to do much research in order to create something beautiful thanks to the design apps available.

Whether you are a musician trying to make your way in the industry, a hotel looking to max out your bookings or a online store selling hand-made crafts, a Wix website will offer you everything that you need to grow your client base, promote yourself and more importantly, make more money and grow the brand. It won’t take you much time or effort to create a stunning website with Wix and there is plenty of support should you run into difficulties. If you have a great idea for an online business, then Wix is the place where you can take that acorn of an idea and turn it into a successful Oak.