Top 5 European Music Festivals

It’s Europe, and you’re at a music festival. Feel free to get a little crazy.

Europe – to the rest of us, it’s the patron of loose times, language exchange and some pretty bitchin’ music. There’s no better way to take advantage of all three than at one of Europe’s multitude of great music festivals. Here we take a stab at our top five – no easy task for sure.

Poland’s summer festivals

Poland’s Open’er Festival is one of the world’s most spectacular music shows, attracting big name performers and audience members from around the globe. Thousands of people from all walks of life attend the festival every year. The festival has won many international accolades, even though it is barely a decade old.

Wakestock in Wales

This festival, at the stunning Cardigan Bay in northern Wales, showcases a wide range of music genres, including rock, urban and indie music. Wakestock is held during the summer holidays, attracting music icons and celebrities from all over the world. Many people attend just to meet people of different cultures. This festival is all about enjoying fantastic music and the beauty of Wales.

Scotland’s T in the Park festival

Held at the Balado airfield, the T in the Park festival is the place to be in Scotland for music lovers. Whether you are a fan of soul, rock, country, RnB or local cultural music, there’ll be something for you. Some of the musicians who have performed at the festival include Nicky Minaj, Elbow and Keane.

Latitude in Suffolk, England

Suffolk England is another spectacular music festival in Europe. The Latitude festival is a popular multi-arts festival billed as “more than just a music festival”. It features poetry, literature and theatre, as well as musicians from around the world. A great family event, with activities for everyone from toddlers to grandparents.

The UK’s GlobalGathering festival

As the name suggests, this festival draws participants from different parts of the globe, including Africa. Thousands of people attend the festival at Stratford-upon-Avon that features a range of electronic music, including Benga from Africa. If dancing the night away is your thing, this is the European festival for you.