Tips to Redecorate Your Home on a Budget 

There are few things worse in the home than when you look around and realize just how sick and tired you are of the same old wallpaper and the same old furniture, whilst simultaneously realizing that you just don’t have the money to redecorate.

I found myself in this position last year and in spite of the fact that I really didn’t have very much money to throw at it, I wanted to create a beautiful home nonetheless. I was originally inspired by Restoration Hardware CEO Gary Friedman who was talking about home design on a budget and from there, I was fully committed to fixing up my home. One year on, I have some small changes to make in the home but generally I am over the moon with the result of my budget interior design, and her is how I did it.

Do It Yourself

I should probably mention off the bat that if you really want to give your home a budget makeover, you will need to be prepared to do just about everything yourself as there will be no money in the pot to pay a professional. The only time when you will have to pay for help is if it involves gas, water or electric but assuming you are doing cosmetic design, it will be DIY all the way.

Little by Little

I think that the best approach to re-styling your home is to do one room at a time, this way you can work on making sure that each room gets the attention it deserves, and you can save money. Start off with the rooms that are used the most, areas such as the kitchen, living room and the main bathroom. Once you have completed these rooms, you can starting looking at the other rooms which aren’t used as much. I can assure you that once you have completed the main rooms in the property, the house itself will feel much more comfortable and make you feel much more at home.

Plan Ahead

Even though you may not be decorating your upstairs bathroom for another 6 months, it makes sense to have an idea of how you will be decorating it, in case you see any bargains that you can pick up during those 6 months. There are always offers on paint and wallpaper, or you may even see a bargain in a thrift store, planning ahead can really help you to save some cash.

Online Hacks

If you have a look on Pinterest you will find a huge amount of tips and advice on how you can add stylish pieces to your home, regardless of the fact that you are on a  budget. I love to see people up-cycling thing for example and I even used some of the ideas that I found on the social media site, and implemented them in my home. Remember that we are not the only ones trying save some cash!