Updating Your Bathroom to a Modern Look

In terms of the room that homeowners say they would love to have remodeled, the bathroom rates the highest followed by the kitchen as the most popular room in the home. Therefore it comes as no surprise that many homeowners are calling companies like bathroom remodeling experts CBI Tusla redoing their bathrooms to make improvements and catch today’s hottest trends.

But what improvements are they doing and what are the hottest trends? Here is a list of them.

Fashionable and Efficient Showerheads and Faucets

Showerheads and faucets are not just to supply you with water these days, they are also there to make a fashion statement as they provide beauty and allure to your bathroom. There are dozens of styles and looks to choose from, and some provide different consistencies in the way they provide water to you from a smooth stream to a massaging feel. They also come in different materials and colors allowing them to compliment any bathroom color.

Another aspect of new faucets and showerheads is Water efficiency. Water efficiency is in style today and everyone is focused on finding ways to save water. There are many places that have had issues with water particularly places like California and Nevada, where water is at a premium. Many newer faucets make water conservation a main factor. They can do this without you sacrificing the amount of water you use.

Seats in Shower 

Today more and more people are taking longer showers and using this time to take a seat. This type of shower is great for those mornings when you are half awake, when you are exhausted before bed or really tired after a workout.

Increased Use of Glass Tile and Stone in the Bathroom

New surfaces some of them used in the interior and exterior of homes have pooped up in modern bathrooms. These include glass, tile and stone on every surface from the floor to walls. There is even more use of backsplashes in the bathroom featuring a variety of surfaces. The overall look is one with added warmth and the surfaces last much longer than wallpaper or paint.

Oversized Sinks

Oversized or trough sinks are a really elegant product that is becoming very popular in bathrooms today. Because they are extra-long they can accommodate more than two people at a time and are replacing double vanities.

Open Shelving

The open concept is the prevailing look throughout new homes and this extends to bathrooms as well. We are living in a more open society so why not have your vanity out in the open for all to see. Open shelving allows you to put things like towels and toiletries on full display and use them as decorative items in your bathroom. The look however, requires that you remove clutter and keep shelves clean.

The new approaches to making a bathroom beautiful can put your bathroom on par with what you see in magazines today. Best of all, they are low cost remodeling solutions.