A Three Point Guide to Excelling at Instagram

Are you the type of person who can’t get enough of other people’s photography? If so, check out Instagram if you haven’t already.

As one of the most popular mobile apps in the world, it provides image-loving web surfers a place where they can post their pics and drool over shots taken by others.

Whether it is your best bud or a web personality you admire, you’ll be able to view photos of the meals they eat, the places they travel, and you’ll get to witness other mundane events in their lives to which we can all relate.

Want to become a creator rather than a consumer of this app? There is a lot of work involved in doing so, but if you stick to it, you too can become a big shot on Instagram.

You can even turn your Instagram account into a thriving business. Michael Briese has done this, as he gives followers a daily peek into his exciting life as a stock broker.

Want to enjoy similar success? Below, we’ll lay out a three point guide that will help you excel at Instagram.

1) Find your niche and create content for it

If you want a serious following on this popular app, figure out your identity and stay true to it. If you do this before randomly posting photos and videos on your Instagram account, you’ll be ahead of the game.

For example, if you want to add to content in the digital nomad space, you’ll need to put some thought into what media you’ll put up on your account.

Photos of travel destinations certainly qualify, but you’ll also want to show your followers what you do to make your lifestyle work.

From showing off co-working spaces where you crank out assignments to detailing what gear you carry, there are plenty of ways you can connect with those interested in your lifestyle.

By purposely crafting your content in this manner, you’ll attract like-minded people to you, making it easy to grow a clan which is highly engaged by what you do.

2) Stay disciplined

Want fans who tune in to your channel day-after-day? If so, you need to get serious about creating content consistently.

If you can develop the discipline to do this, your likelihood of long-term success will increase dramatically.

Being in your follower’s feed on a daily basis lets you collect more likes as well, which signals to Instagram that you are popular, thereby putting your content in an advantageous position in your follower’s feed.

3) About to post a billion hashtags? Pump your brakes son.

Yes, we know that posting hashtags is a key traffic-building technique. If you tag terms related to your content, it is a fantastic way to achieve these goals, as there are a lot of people who surf hashtags to find images that interest them.

Don’t go overboard, though, as flooding your description box with dozens of hashtags tends to annoy a lot of netizens. If you do this too often, some will unfollow you out of spite.

Limit hashtagging to a maximum of seven entries. Any more than this, and you risk alienating your fan base.