Thinking About the University of Arizona? Here Are Three Reasons Why You Should Attend

Only have Grade 12 left to worry about? As excited as you are to be on top of the heap in high school, soon you’ll be facing down the next step in your life – college. Think about it seriously now, and picking a college will be less difficult come next February.

It may be pricey, but it is a necessary investment these days, as most worthwhile employment requires a 4-year degree at an accredited university. It is worth what a high school diploma was a generation ago, so don’t brush this fact of life off.

That said, there is a lot of choice when it comes to colleges in America, making it hard to pick a winner. We have an idea that may end your search immediately – enroll at the University of Arizona.

Well-regarded in the Southwest, it has advantages that will get you excited from the word ‘go’. But don’t take our word for it, as Michael Eckhardt Tucson experienced it for himself not all that long ago.

After attending the University of Arizona about a decade ago, his life improved dramatically due to all the experiences he had while he was there.

After getting his degree from this well-known institution, he secured employment that led to a stable career just a few months out of school.

Thanks to lessons learned from his well-educated professors and deep relationships attained through his years of brotherhood at his fraternity, his life has a richness he couldn’t imagine living without now.

Want the same as Michael? Here’s why you should attend the U of A.

1) Leading academic programs

When searching for a school that makes sense to you, seeking out one that has academic chops in your area of interest should be your top priority.

While there is more to school than books, you need to obtain a quality education when it is all said and done.

If you are into business, you’ll enjoy your time at the University of Arizona, as they have a high proportion of experienced faculty, and a high satisfaction rate among graduates, especially among those attending to learn management.

Their social science and biomedical departments also report high levels of happy alumni, as they have been given an academic backing that has propelled them to success after they graduated from the U of A.

2) A social scene that is second to none

When you aren’t cranking out the work, you’ll be having an amazing time at college, as you will never have so much free time on your hands as you will during this phase of your life.

You’ll build the sort of skills that will help you get ahead in the real world, as you’ll learn how to befriend people and tolerate those who you may not like, making this factor more important than most realize.

At the U of A, there are some great environments where meeting people is easy, making this school an excellent choice for those who value an active social life.

Here, you’ll find thirty fraternities and sororities to pick from, each of which have their own identity. They provide excitement to their member’s lives that can be hard to find in other places, making it something you should think about trying should you head up going to the University of Arizona.

Not into Greek Life for whatever reason? There are other clubs on campus will allow you to spend time with people just like you, so you’ll have a way to have a life outside the dorms if you go to Arizona.

3) The best collegiate setting in America

Want to be inspired by your college? The U of A has this covered, as its mostly brick campus, lush gardens filled with exotic cacti, and its desert mountain backdrop will wow you every day you go to school here.

The climate matches up well too, as the average high during winter often tops 70 degrees, and with over 300 sunny days per year, there will be little chance the winter blues will get you down here.