Wix Pro Gallery – The Best Tool for Management and Promotion of Photos Online

Wix Pro Gallery is an amazing tool for presenting your photos online. Everyone from a novice photographer to a working professional can use this amazing tool to show their work to clients, potential clients, friends, family and those who love beautiful art or pictures.

It seems like every day, we see an increasing use of photos being taken and viewed. What all of this says is that photos attract people and in big numbers. And it is not any one particular type of photo. It can be beautiful people or sceneries, fun pictures, animal shots, and even pictures of animated characters. They all have large audiences who are ready to consume them.

But how you present and position them on your website can make so much of a difference, and whether your website focuses on photography or not, you need to position pictures prominently on the site. This is true because it is primarily images which attract someone to read the content on a site. In other words, with photos your site becomes more productive and effective.

If your site has a specific focus on pictures meaning you have a photography website or blog, it is imperative that you have tools like Wix Pro Gallery, that assist you to quickly and easily load photos on it and even share or market those photos with others.

Build a Great Website Fast with Wix

The Wix website builder revolutionizes website creation with a set of tools that makes it quick, easy and inexpensive for everyone. You can find a niche for almost any industry at Wix. They have templates and apps that range from e-commerce websites, to art stores, or even great tools for photographers. Below, we will take a deeper look at their photography tool – the Wix Pro Gallery.

Wix Pro Gallery

The Wix Pro Gallery gets you the look of a professional photo gallery quick and easily. It gives you an ability to lay out your pictures the way you want, and the tools to change and add to it as often as you like. You can control the quality, look and size of each individual pictures so you never have to compromise on how you display your photos. You can feel comfortable sharing your photos with anyone because there are built-in image control features. And no matter where someone is viewing your photos, they will be able to enjoy the same type of experience. Wix makes sure that your site is mobile optimized, so that your pictures will always look great and align with any device.  You can add Wix Pro Gallery to any of Wix websites and get the following features:

Design Your Photo Gallery:

Picture Gallery Styles – More than 9 different styles of picture gallery layouts for you to choose from, each designed to give you a different and powerful way to present your photos. Pick the one that most represents your particular style and goals. Whichever you pick, you can add thousands of pictures and videos to your site. You can add text to pictures to give some additional insight into what visitors are viewing.

Complete Control over Your Photos

Image Control: You decide what visitors can do with your pictures. Do you want them to view only, to be able to view and download or only be able to purchase? And if you have pictures to license, what rights do you want to offer? You get complete control over your pictures. There is additional security for your images with watermarking.

Image Quality: You can determine the quality of the images on your site with advanced image settings. Change the sharpness, brightness and other key image quality setting for any picture you upload. You can also pick the size of f your pictures to display up to full width.

Market Your Photos

Social Networking: You can share your images directly on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Visitor Sharing: Your visitors can show their love for your pictures with a heart button and share your images with a click exposing your work to lots more people.

Perfect Mobile Viewing: Each image and your entire gallery is optimized for smartphones and tablets, so your photos look good no matter where anyone views them.

No matter what level of photographer you are, and whether you want a place where you can put your portfolio and invite potential customers and fans, or if you need a great place for family to come and see the great shots you took at the last holiday get together, Wix Pro Gallery gives you all the tools you need to present your pictures in style.