What Does it take to Become an Entrepreneur  

With more businesses being created than ever before the idea of being an entrepreneur is something that thousands of Americans are trying to achieve. The life of an entrepreneur certainly looks like a good one, owning your own company, becoming rich, working on your own terms and heading up an influential or popular brand.

Not everyone has what it takes to complete this tough challenge however and as John Bradberry, an entrepreneurial consultant who works with individuals to improve their chances of success, recently told us, there is just a one or two percent chance of becoming a successful entrepreneur. So what skills do you nee dot have in order to become successful in your entrepreneurial endeavors?


One of the key factors in your success will be you ability to raise and manage money, money is the measure of all of your success and without having a good attitude toward the handling of finances you will not be able to achieve your goals. When starting out with an idea you will need to raise funds to see it through to fruition and in order to do this you will need to be charming and charismatic to sell you idea to investors. Once you ahem raised the money you will need to have a smart head on your shoulders in order to spend it wisely.


A great entrepreneur should have a solid team of staff underneath them and in order to do so you will need to be great at sporting talent. Once you have identified the staff which you want on your team it will be up to you to give them training which can take them to the next level. When training your team you will need to share you vision with them and train them in a way that brings them on board. Consistency is also key in your training and the goal is to have a team of different functions who are all heading in the same direction.

Self Analysis

Great entrepreneurs are the ones who consistently push the envelope and that includes in their own abilities. In order to become successful and maintain that success you will need to be consistently assessing your own strengths and weaknesses and doing all that you can to put them right.

Forward Thinking

Business leaders who stand still will find that it won’t be long before the World overtakes them and if you want to be a successful leader then you will need to constantly be looking forward with your plans for the business. Entrepreneurs are the creative forces who are always looking for gaps in the market, areas to exploit and way to change the face and shape of their company and the industry that they are in.


Without resilience you are likely to fail in the world of business, there are always failures, nobody gets it right every time but what sets the great entrepreneurs apart from the ‘also-rans’ is the ability to bounce back from failure and learn from it to achieve future success.