Top Earning Career Choices

When most of us are asked what our dream career what be, or at least what do we look for in a successful career, most of our answers would be the same. The majority of us may opt for power or money, some of us may claim to wish to help others, some would look for an easy life and a few would be shooting for the moon with dreams of being an astronaut or an international spy. Let’s put Neil Armstrong and James Bond aside for the moment and focus on the most popular wish from most people when they are considering a career choice… money.

Money is king and we all want a slice of it, unless you are planning on working in an entirely noble position where the job is more rebreeding than the salary, we will all be working with the sole purpose of earning money. If you fall into this category then here are some of the highest earning positions which you could go for.


Medical professionals in general earn far more than any other industry across the United States and at the top of the tree are the surgeons. Outstanding surgeons like Dr. Joseph Yazdi are paid so handsomely because of the outstanding knowledge that they possess and the incredible work which they can do with a scalpel. Operating on hearts, brain tumors and spine injuries to name just a few operations that they can perform, surgeons have an incredible gift and are therefore rewarded for it.


CEOs make up the large majority of the ‘Forbes Richest’ list every year and as heads of some of the most powerful global companies it is not difficult to see why. CEOs are often paid a huge salary and offered bonuses for results and usually share packages as well. The top CEOs in the World are not only the richest but they are also some of the most powerful and the decisions that they make day-to-day affect millions of lives. As mentioned before, money is king and these companies have so much that they at times have more power than governments. If you want a job where the real money flows then you should be aiming to head up the board of directors for a multinational company.


Passing law school and gaining your license to practice law is tough but not as tough as a career as a lawyer can be. The incentive for your success however is that if you have what it takes to consistently achieve good results and become recognized as a lawyer who is used to winning then you will soon be able to command huge fees for your work and even set your own law firm. In your early life as a lawyer you can expect to get paid for little for the hours and hours of work that you will be putting in but if you keep at it and can prove that you have a great track record then you will be set to see a huge salary come your way.