5 Benefits of Putting Effort into Your Product Pages

One of the Benefits of Putting Effort into Your Product Pages: your products will fly out of your warehouse like never before
Photo by CC user walmartcorporate on Flickr

The internet has opened plenty of opportunities for consumers to find exactly what they want and for sellers to connect with buyers in brand new ways. While many ecommerce owners are taking advantage of social media, video marketing and advertising opportunities, its still vital to examine the basics.

One thing often overlooked by digital store owners is their product pages. Its the primary source of information for buyers and the last thing they look at before hitting the add to cartbutton or exiting your site entirely. Below you will find a few benefits of putting the proper effort into your product pages.

Better Copy Leads to Better Sales

Most your customers will make their decision to buy or pass on your items while they are on your product page. Be sure to use emotionally driven language to engage your readers and interest them in your product so they cant say no. Use sensory words to make the experience come alive.

Also, be sure to anticipate your customersneeds, questions or concerns. Examples include instructions on product maintenance, additional uses, style suggestions and more. List the features and benefits of your product. Since your buyers are shopping online, they cant feel or try things the same way they would in a brick and mortar store. Include a sizing guide or any other useful descriptions they might require to make the final decision.

Always remember, a powerful product description can be enough to turn an interested visitor into a return customer.

Clean Design Keep Customers Interested

Too much clutter can drive customers away from your product page. If you are looking to build an ecommerce website, be sure that the most important aspects of your online store are easy to find. This includes colorful add to cartbuttons, obvious FAQ and contact pages and details about shipping options. These key components of your product page should be readily apparent.

Try to see things through the eyes of your customers. While there may be design elements youd hate to lose, it wont mean much if they dont motivate your buyers to follow through on their purchase.

A Call to Action Makes for Loyal Customers

Savvy store owners know how to gently guide their visitors through the buying process. One way to do this is through various calls to action (CTA) which appear on each page. If a prospective buyer lands on your home page, ask them to click on your latest deals or sign up for your email newsletter. If they are on your product page, motivate them to buy with discount or scarcity alerts (15 percent off. Only 3 left.) If they make a purchase, push them to share the news with their Facebook friends.

Not only will CTAs like these drive sales, they will also improve your chances of finding return customers and building a relationship between your buyers and your brand.

Visual Appeal Reduces BuyersRemorse

As mentioned before, product descriptions are important in educating your customers about a product; but its not the only way. Online video is becoming one of the hottest forms of digital content today. Believe it or not, consumers spend an equal amount of time watching online videos as they do with traditional television. Use videos to show off features, tutorials and more.

While some vendors prefer professional production, others take pride in creating mobile video for social media. Its much quicker, and if done correctly, very effective.

Additionally, HD images are crucial for the success of your ecommerce store. Provide multiple images of your product from several angles. If you are selling a piece of clothing, photograph a model wearing it so buyers know how it fits.

Build an Ecommerce Website with Better SEO

Last but not least, a wellcrafted product page will use plenty of searchable keywords. This way, Google and other search engines will pull your online store to the top of the list. After all, most online users never go past the second page of search results. If you arent properly using SEO keywords, you could be turning away thousands of thousands of potential buyers.

These are just a few of the benefits associated with a properly built ecommerce website. Remember to be on the lookout for more tips and tricks as new technologies and trends continue to transform and grow the industry. Happy selling!