Ways To Improve Your Poker Game

If you don’t know this already, poker is much more of a strategy and observational skillset game than gambling. The consensus in the professional poker community agrees that the game is about 80 percent skill vs 20 percent luck. This figure should be the main motivation for anyone who wish to win either a tournament or a casual game with their friends to put their time and effort into studying the game and improving their skills. Read the article below to see a few tips that can increase your chances of winning.

Study, study and study

Some say that if you are spending more time at the game tables than reading about it or studying past games, then you are not dedicating enough. Ideally, you should read a few books and watch videos widely available by some of the best players in the world before you start playing real money games. By doing that you will have a huge advantage against your competitors, as most people learn mainly through experience and obviously, by losing.

If you are able to hire a poker coach, do it. Make sure they are comfortable playing at stakes above yours so you can actually learn something. For example, if you are playing at the $500 tournaments, hire someone who does well at the $1,000 ones. Remember that coaching requires a mutual connection, so if you see that you don’t work that well with a particular coach, hire another one.

Exercise and Sleep

Playing poker is more than a fun pastime or pure logical game. It requires endurance and focus at all times as the slightest mistake can make the whole difference in the table. Sleeping for seven to nine hours every day is essential if you know that you are playing the next day. It clears your mind and restores all your body systems.

Getting is shape is also good for you, as games can often get dragged for over 12 hours, enabling only those at peak physical conditioning to always be at their best and make more money in the long run. You don’t need to push yourself too hard. Start slowly but make it part of your routine, this is the most important part of exercising. Eating well and avoiding alcohol and tobacco will rapidly improve your training results and reducing the odds of illnesses.

Practice other forms of Poker

This one is made especially for those who wish to play professional poker tournaments. Playing short handed (less than 6 people on the table) or heads-up (1 v. 1) variations is the best way for people to overcome their fears of playing “bad” hands.

This is made easy by playing pokies online real money Australia or anywhere else in the world. These online casinos have a huge community for both experienced and new players, and casinos en ligne francais or in any other language are widely available.

You should also play other variations besides the no-limit hold’em, as learning about other games will enable you to think out of the box regarding standard poker strategy. But this should only be a secondary source of knowledge, so always dedicate yourself to playing and studying your main game.