What You Need to Know Before Boarding a Private Jet

As private jet travel becomes more affordable to the masses, most fliers are wondering if they need to switch from commercial services. With a lot more private fliers embarking on flights, travelers need to know what they should expect.

Here are some tips that will come in handy during your first private plane trip:

Understand parking etiquette

When you charter a private plane, you can always drive up to the aircraft to board and load your luggage. Your car will be stored and parked until you return from your travels. If you want to show some parking etiquette, you should park your vehicle opposite the plane and set it in park to prevent it from rolling towards the plane. You do not want to ruin an expensive private plane.

Limit your luggage

You might think that you are spending more cash on a private plane so that you can bring more luggage onboard. However, that is simply not the case. Most jets have a luggage limit because of the size of their luggage compartment door. Moreover, depending on the number of people that you are bringing with you and how much fuel the flight needs, there are weight restrictions to which you need to adhere to.

Small jets can fit only seven roll-aboard suitcase. If just one person is flying, the number of bags will not be a big issue. On the other hand, if a big group of people is flying, you will have a problem. It is helpful to carry soft bags to eliminate the problems that the weird shapes of bag compartments pose. If you bring a soft bag, none of your bags will have to be shipped back home because they could not fit in a compartment.

Avoid red wine

You do not need to sneak alcohol onto your private jet because bringing your own drinks on board is legal. The only FAA rule about alcohol states that a member of the flight crew should serve the drinks. Ask the crew to put your drink on ice instead of sneaking it onto the plane. However, you need to avoid red wine because it can spill during turbulence.

The high cost of replacing the upholstery on a private jet should be enough to deter you from bringing red wine. First-time private fliers think that being invited on a private plane means that they should bring a gift like red wine. If you must bring wine, it should be white.

You need ID

Some people think that traveling on a private plane means that no ID is necessary. That’s not true. However, as a private flier, you get to enjoy the convenience of not having to wait at a TSA security line or follow liquid restrictions. If you are flying within the country, a driver’s license will do but international fliers still need a passport.

There is one assigned seat

Although private jet passengers do not have assigned seats, you cannot just sit wherever you want. The only assigned seat on a private jet is that of the person paying for the trip or the owner. As a guest, you should wait for the leader of your group or jet owner to choose his or her seat.

Tip the pilot

Tipping the pilot is not necessary but it shows that you are courteous. There are numerous differences between flying private and flying commercial.

Private jet fliers do not earn as much as their counterparts even if they load the bags and spend a lot of time preparing for the flight by ensuring that the bird is in excellent condition to fly.  They also maintain a set of tools such as skybolt fasteners, wire twist pliers, among other essential tools to carry out aircraft inspections. Tipping your pilot is not compulsory. But if you feel they have done well and have taken good care of you, then tipping is not a bad thing to do.