Moving Overseas With Pets

Are you about to move to another country and would like to take your cat with you? You must be interested in a solution for the transportation of your pet by plane.  Please read on to find out more.

Transportation option

Firstly, you have to decide whether you would like your cat to be transported as a carry-on luggage or as special cargo.  The differences are as follows:-

Transportation of cats as carry-on luggage

If you want your feline friend to travel with you on the same plane, it can do so mainly as carry-on luggage inside the cabin. Do keep in mind that this option may vary from one airline to another and the number of pets allowed is really low.  Pets are only allowed to travel together with their human family only if they satisfy certain criteria.  Sometimes the pet will travel inside the plane’s hold as a piece of carry-on luggage because the plane has no more places inside the cabin or the pet does not meet the airline requirements for traveling inside the cabin.

Transportation of cats as special cargo

When being transported as special cargo, pets fly on passenger flights and they have an area specifically dedicated to them.  Pets are provided with a dedicated embarkation procedure and are placed in a ventilated, air-conditioned, and pressurized cabin. There is a “tracking code” for their shipment so that their whereabouts are known.

Documents for the transportation of cats by plane

The required documents for the transportation of cats by airplane vary from one country to another as each country may require different documents, certificates, and information.

Crates for airline transportation

Your cat will have to travel in an airline-approved crate and it is the best solution to make your pet travel extremely safe throughout the entire shipment.

Cats Transport Service

It is easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to shipping your pets overseas therefore you may want to consider a pet transport service to help you with all the details that are needed for this move. 

Searching for the best cat transport service is not always as straightforward as you want.  You have to spend a lot of time researching the services and request for quotes individually.  To simplify this process, you may want to check out the online shipping platform like Shiply that can connect you to a list of its rated cat transporters.  You will receive personalized quotes sent to your mailbox thus allowing you to compare quotes in one place. 

By hiring professionals who specialize in handling safe pet travel logistics, you can have peace of mind that your pet will be taken care of and you will have more time to focus on your own relocation.

Preparing Your Cat For Travel

After you have settled on a cat transport service, the next thing you need to do is prepare for your cat to be picked up.

  • Get ready the documents required before pick up as not having them may delay your cat transportation.
  • It would be good to wash your cat before they are picked up as this would ensure that they are feeling comfortable during the journey.
  • Ensure that there are enough food, water, and also their favorite toy to accompany them during the journey.