How to Go About Exercising After a Liposuction Treatment

Exercising After a Liposuction Treatment requires some thought, but it is possible ... photo by CC user

Photo by CC user

Liposuction is the cosmetic procedure that you opt for when you need to get excess fat removed surgically from certain areas of the body. It is an invasive treatment, but effective and with a very short recovery time – we are talking one or two weeks. Even though general activity may be resumed within a day or two, there are still tons of special considerations at hand that you need to be careful about when it comes to exercising. This is mostly because after surgery, you will notice that the results still take a couple of weeks to truly become apparent as they should.

Things You Need to Know If You are a First Timer

Patients who go through liposuction are generally able to perform light activity a few days after they have had their procedure. Light activity includes moderate walking and general household work, but nothing strenuous. At Sono Bello, the expert surgeons recommend that you begin your exercise with 25% of your usual routine after the surgery. Plastic surgeons usually provide with certain recovery guidelines after the surgery and this only increases as your tolerance allows.

Also, depending on which area of your body you had the surgery for, you will most likely be given specific instructions on what to do and what not to.

Resistance Training

These types of exercises can be started in the second week after the surgery. As it is with aerobic exercises, resistance training should be entered into very slowly. If you see your tolerance increasing, you can ramp up the routine further.

Medical attention throughout your transition back to regular activity is very important if you think drainage, discomfort, or pain can result from resistance exercise. You may need to avoid some of the exercises in the first couple of weeks after the surgery. Once the bruises disappear and the incisions heal, you can resume exercise.

Liposuction at Sono Bello is truly a quick fix for many people; however, it is vital that you make positive lifestyle changes and maintain these changes throughout the post surgery period.


Within two days of the surgical procedure, light aerobic practice like walking is deemed okay by experts. However, when you are transitioning back to your exercise routine, remember that you know your body best but also that every single person responds to surgical treatments differently than others. Therefore, it is not prudent to follow what someone else did and it turned out fine for them.

You need to respect the limitations of your body. You may be into intensive workout sessions but it is important that you return to it slowly at a lower intensity level than what you are used to. Your doctor will advise you to return to high impact activities around after three weeks of the procedure, which includes running at a normal pace.