How New Jersey is making a killing from online gambling

Online gambling is one of the hottest topics online now, as the movement to legalize it in every state is growing each month. As we move into 2020, we’re sure to see more states in America legalizing this pastime, with California taking the lead here as reported by Fox Business.

One of the best things about online gambling in 2020 is the sheer variety of games that are available. There are online casinos, immersive mobile games and applications, and even daily fantasy sports leagues covering everything from MMA to basketball.

A particular state that has been a frontrunner in the online gambling world is the Garden State, New Jersey. New Jersey has been all over the news in recent years for its forward-thinking attitude to gambling, and the incredible innovation seen in popular casinos like Caesar’s that both locals and tourists love to play in.

Here at Sports Daily, we’re incredibly passionate about the world of online gambling as a whole. Seeing simple hobbies like gaming and playing cards explode to such a global level has been awe-inspiring, and we’re particularly intrigued by the success that New Jersey has been finding in the world of online gambling.

In this blog post, we’re going to be taking a look at New Jersey’s gambling success in more depth- covering everything from popular casinos, to the community itself.

There are some incredible casinos available

One of the main reasons why New Jersey is popular for gamblers as a whole is that it plays host to some pretty legendary casinos. Whether you’re looking for a slot machine fix, a spot to play competitively or a simple card game, New Jersey will have the perfect casino for you.

It’s not just traditional gambling that New Jersey is accomodating for, though. The state currently plays host to some of the best online gambling options available in the country. Gamblers living locally are truly spoilt for choice with their games- whether they want to play online casino games, daily fantasy sports or betting video games.

One of our personal favorites in the online gaming scene is William Hill. This casino has been making waves in the New Jersey community, and has received some glowing attention online. Want to find out more about them? Check out this handy review.

There’s a fierce gambling community

Another reason why New Jersey is doing so well with online gambling is that it’s home to a number of dedicated, passionate gamblers. Whether you’re looking to meet new gambling friends in real life, to build bonds with co-workers or loved ones, or to meet friends playing daily fantasy sports online, there’ll be the perfect solution for you in New Jersey. 

Online gambling is doing particularly well in the community, especially with online gambling options like daily fantasy sports and eSports leagues. These multi-player style gambling games can create fantastic bonds between players, and help them to forge new friendships.

The state is receiving some wonderful media attention 

With the rise of online gambling, the media has been all over the gambling and gaming world with glee. Now more than ever, industry giants want to discuss the world of gambling and how it will affect the economy, the population and the development in technology too. We’re sure to see some fantastic coverage across the US as more states move to legalize online gambling.

To finish up

Generally speaking, New Jersey has done fantastically with the legalization of online gambling. They’ve experienced some incredible benefits to their economy, employment rates and their protection of gamblers, too. There are so many fun ways to gamble in New Jersey, ranging from high quality casinos to online gaming opportunities.

If you’re a gambler looking for a new state to visit, we would definitely recommend New Jersey. No matter if you’re a poker fan, an eager sports gambler or an eSports better, there will be something enjoyable for you in the Garden State. 

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