Betting on snooker

There’s a lot of sports that the typical fan would consider betting on, but snooker doesn’t generally tend to be one of them. It’s one of the UK’s most celebrated forms of entertainment and there’s every reason to get involved when it comes to backing the outcome you could see coming into fruition, especially as so many bookmakers offer markets and odds on it.

It would be far easier to bet on the sport if there were more opportunities to see snooker betting tips from reliable sites that present their own previews and predictions. Fortunately, sites like TeamFA are happy to fill the void with their own coverage, as they provide snooker betting tips, forecasts, recommended bets and odds on an exclusive section of their website. It’s worth checking out for both novices and experienced fans of the sport.

Snooker betting basics

As with betting on any sport, the primary market will always be getting behind win, draw, or lose in a given game. These are written as ‘Match Result’ markets on most sites and will come first when you select a specific match. The draw option will only be made available if it’s a league game, as there’s no option to draw in major competitions.

The next market which regularly appears on betting sites is ‘Total Frames’, which gives punters the opportunity to back how many frames we’ll see during the match before the final result is decided. These tend to surface around a given number from the bookie in question, with under that number, exactly that number, or over that number being the options to get behind.

Options of markets to back will then become harder to understand for a lot of newcomers but ‘Highest Break’ is arguably seen as a basic market. All that needs to be considered before backing that market is who will take the most points from their break in a given frame, with it being between either player as well as there also being a ‘Tie’ option in case they both draw level in two separate frames.

Advanced markets

For those who are more capable of betting on snooker there are options to bet in a more advanced manner. Correct score betting is identical to football betting and offers the chance to back the final score between the two players. Handicap betting also shows similarities to football betting, as it gives punters the chance to bet on the degree to which one player will win or lose.

After that point, the markets get more convoluted, with the ability to bet on how many, if any, centuries are seen in the match, and individual accolades for centuries and highest match break for each snooker player. Options become available for betting on the specific actions in each frame as they get played, with it only being possible to back certain outcomes in frame 1 and 2 prior to the meeting getting underway.