Why Are Casino Tables Green?

Both brick-and-mortar and online casinos have now become a great part of the modern world. For casinos to be at their best, every little detail has to be thought of. While many people play casino games, Thai Mobile Casino, they might never have asked themselves the essential questions. For instance, have you ever wondered why casino tables are green?

why casino tables are green

Why Casino Tables are Green

From the very moment you place a foot in a casino, you are getting into an arena where every little detail has been wisely planned and executed. All the designs and arrangements have been made to give the casinos the opportunity to make the maximum they can. It does not mean that a casino tries to manipulate people, it is just that everything they do has a reason. You just need to admire the layout of the casino, the way the floors are designed, the lack of windows and of daylight, the non-availability of clocks, the sound effects and the chosen colours. And, small factors like free drinks and complementary offers.

Another aspect of casinos which goes unnoticed is the colour of all the card tables. You may have or may have not noticed that all the tables are green, most of the time. Even if you play the best table games such as Hi Lo Blackjack or Double Bonus Spin Roulette at Lucky Pants Bingo, you will see that the tables are green. These games are unlike land-based casino games as they offer bonuses and amazing features. Maybe you thought that it was meant to be that way, just like snooker tables. It always used to be that way, and it shall stay that way. However, the green colour is purely intentional. The reason behind the colour green is based on psychology. As a matter of fact, green is deemed as a colour which brings calmness and replication.

To understand better why green is the colour is because it evokes stability. It offers balance amoungst warm colours like red, yellow, orange, blue and purple. The theory is that it will make people be more at ease while being in a casino which can be considered as an intimidating place for others. There is also the fact that green is a positive colour. It is related to the action of “go” when it comes to traffic lights. It is a call to action, even in a casino. It kind of tells the people that is it fine to be at a casino table and it is okay to go by their gut feelings.

Also, in Western culture, the colour green represents wealth and prosperity. Financial security and funds are closely linked to the colour green. Plus, the colour green is used to represent green in financial spread sheets. And, bank notes are green! This is the visual casinos want to get into the head of players when they sit at casino tables. They want to make people feel like they can gamble for a while as there’s always a chance to win. So there you have it that is why casino tables are green!