How do I choose a new phone? 8 essential tips

There are only a few criteria that make the difference between smartphones sold now on the market. How do you choose the best phone for you, beyond the brand and the operating system? One solution is to guide yourself to the material below, it might help you get an idea of ??what you should consider when choosing such a gadget.

1. What is the ideal size of the smartphone?

Choose a phone that you can hold in your hand. If it is too large, beyond the fact that it will be difficult to use, you will risk to drop it from your hand, and the repair will cost you seriously. A smaller screen also requires a compact design, but if you want to use your phone to watch videos or to play games, then it is advisable to choose a model with a larger display of at least 6 inches. Nowadays, the number of games played on mobile phones has increased, so it is necessary to have a bigger display. Shooting games, arcade, ARPGs, even online casino games are being included. Slot games might be the most enjoyable ones, because a slot machine game from a good software developer is always optimized for mobile gaming. This means that the buttons are large enough to press with your thumb, with a very good graphic design as well, and enchanting sounds, to make your gameplay more pleasant. You might want to consider choosing an iPhone 11 Pro Max or a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra because of their amazing display, if you want to have real fun while playing.

2. Which operating system is most suitable?

When we choose such a gadget, we must leave the subjectivism aside and put into balance the pluses and minuses that each operating system has on the market. iOS on iPhone remains one of the most intuitive platforms and benefits from one of the best selection of applications and games. The main problem is that iOS is almost impossible to adapt to your tastes. Unlike iOS, Google’s Android operating system is available on a larger number of terminals, is flexible and customizable. Be careful when choosing a phone from Huawei. Newer phones like Mate30 and Mate30 Pro no longer use Google services, so you will no longer have access to Play services, including Netflix and Youtube.

3. Battery life

Buy a phone that has a minimum of 3500 mAh, if you want to keep it all day. Most phones have between 2700-3500 mAh, so the higher the battery capacity, the better. In addition, choose the phones that benefit from fast charging.

4. How important are megapixels?

If you want to replace the camera with a high-performance smartphone, you have to pay attention to the number of megapixels, but especially to the quality of the image sensor, etc. iPhone 11 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra have the best cameras, but Huawei phones also have powerful cameras, especially on the latest models, such as the P20 and Mate20 Pro.

5. How important is the brand?

Here it is up to you. Our advice is to always choose the phones that have authorized service. You do not want to arrive at a moment when you find out that your phone is broken and there are no repair parts on the market. A smartphone with a network of authorized services behind it is the best fit.

6. When do you find the best prices?

If you want a state-of-the-art phone, do not buy it immediately after launch. Wait at least 5 months and you will see that the price drops by at least 30%. Our advice is not to buy the cheapest phones. If you have the money, buy a flagship, if not, choose an average phone that has at least a quad-core processor with at least 1.7 Ghz and 4 GB of RAM.

7. Test before you buy!

Don’t buy a phone just for the simple reason that it’s on sale. Go to the stores, test the product, play with it, take pictures and only buy it if you like. There are many phones that out of specs look great, but the user experience is disastrous.

8. Buy only sealed products!

It is essential that you do not allow yourself to get a discount for “resealed” products. Most were presented in showrooms and were open non-stop, being tested by hundreds of people. So ask the seller to bring you a product in a sealed box. Any phone sold on the market must have 2 years warranty, during which time any repair is free. That is why it is good to keep all the documents (invoice, guarantee, voucher).