The Hottest New Trends in Coffee

There’s no shortage of products allowing people to espouse their love of coffee. Many of them are the expected coffee mugs with clever sayings warning people away until the vessel has been drained of it’s first filling. But, for a long time, coffee was just that: Coffee. Sure, you had multiple brands like Folgers or Columbian, but there wasn’t much difference other than decaf, dark roast, and original.

With the explosion of specialty coffee houses complete with a drive thru, allowing people to use their plethora of cup holders, people have become more discerning and the market is responding to it. Not only are franchises popping up everywhere, but also local “Ma and Pop” style coffee shops are opening up and being competitive with their larger corporate counterparts by advancing new trends in the coffee game. Here are some of those trends we’re seeing now or are likely to see in the future.

Crossover Shops

There’s only so far you can go with coffee. You can get different kinds of beans and add different flavors but new coffee shops need a way to set themselves apart from the rest. One trend we’re seeing is crossover shops. These shops offer coffee, of course, but also some other product avid coffee drinkers may find alluring. Local coffee shops are partnering with local donut shops to offer, not only freshly brewed espressos and lattes but also freshly cooked donuts and pastries that put Dunkin Donuts to shame.

Other, more out of the box crossovers are on the horizon as well. Some new coffee shops are offering coffee scented candles and perfumes. Others are expanding out of the morning market by offering craft beers in the evening.

New Coffee Mix-ins

While milk or cream, frothy or otherwise, has been the traditional add in for coffees, some shops are trying new mix-ins to attract new customers. If you don’t like coffee, you’ve probably tried several milk-based combinations.

Some coffee shops are offering cold-brew options, which typically have a sweeter taste, or even mixing coffee with sparkling water for a slightly carbonated cup of brew. Other coffee shops are even replacing sugar, sweeting their coffee with honey and pineapple.

Brewing with Technology

As with most any industry in the new millennium, technology is transforming the way we brew coffee. New machinery removes human error by using a weight based brewing system, weighing the coffee grains for a consistent cup each time. This allows coffee coinsures to know what to expect, regardless of the recipe they choose.

We’re also seeing app integration with newer coffee makers. These apps allow baristas to monitor the roasting process closely, removing variables that were previously out of our hands.

Many coffee shops are embracing the social aspect of technology now, encouraging customers to post socially their coffee experience, as well as sharing new recipes themselves.

While coffee will forever simply be coffee, the things we do with it continue to change and evolve. New trends will constantly pop up in order to attract new people.