Benefits of agile manufacturing

The strategy of agile manufacturing is focused on meeting customer’s needs while at the same time maintaining a very high standard of quality, and minimizing manufacturing costs. It’s an ideal approach for manufacturers who’re working it ultra-competitive industries, wherein even small variations in product delivery or quality can have a big impact on their reputation and their bottom lines.


As such, agile manufacturing is somewhat similar to lean manufacturing, wherein the aim is to eliminate waste as much as is possible. However, agile manufacturing adds an extra dimension in that customer’s demands have to be met effectively and rapidly.

Manufacturers who adopt an agile manufacturing strategy usually have very strong relationships with their suppliers, together with multiple cooperative teams which work within the company to deliver products effectively. Such manufacturers can also adapt their facilities rapidly and negotiate new contracts with their suppliers quickly, in response to changing market forces. This means manufacturers can ramp up production quickly to meet higher demand, or slowdown production if required. In addition, they can rapidly redesign their products if issues emerge.

The agile manufacturing method is very useful in industries where conditions can change quickly. In such industries, companies that fail to adapt fast enough can quickly be left behind, and that means losing market share. Therefore, companies in such industries utilize agile manufacturing as a way of keeping up with their competitors, and in some cases stay ahead of the competition through constant innovation and designing new products.

Companies that plan to adopt an agile manufacturing strategy usually need the services of expert consultants, who understand and can predict market demand. Consultants usually specialize in helping companies convert and improve existing systems, and can provide advice and assistance which is tailored to the industry a company is involved in.


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