The Evolution of Technology

Computers, tablets and smartphones are the things that run our lives nowadays. In a small span of time, technology has exploded on the market, and many people cannot imagine their lives without it. Without any doubts, all technologies are born out of purpose. While new gadgets are made to simplify our lives, others are upgraded to create something better than before. Given the pace at which technology is evolving, it is no wonder that many of us might have to struggle to keep up with everything. Let’s have a look at how technology has evolved other the past years!

Back in the Days

Back in the 1990s, the internet was a new service of interest, but many people did not have access to it. People who lived during those days will surely remember the sound of the slow dial up signal which was the main connector to the internet. Gradually, when people started to realise the value of Internet, technology boomed; fasters ways to connect to the World Wide Web were created. Of out the blue, everyone had either a Tripod website or GeoCities, dedicated to themselves- that is when the blogging trend kicked off. The sharing of information became easier as people no longer had to use floppy disks or CD-ROMs as the practice of emails and USB became familiar. As new technologies began to know the day, others would try to make the same technology but with better or faster components. With the never stopping development, the way people live, work and operate changed. With the emergence of Internet also came the entertaining platform of online gaming. For instance, in 2012, the internet was booming and that is when Booty Bingo has known the day. This site which offers online bingo games and online slot games, is a revolution to the world of gaming and still is today.

The Present

Nowadays, it is rare to enter a coffee shop, any place of business or a library without having Wi-Fi connection. If there is no Wi-Fi signal in any close range, people can still connect to the internet by making use of their cellular data connection. Because of this 24/7 access to the internet, many applications which can respond to consumer needs have been created. These newly created apps can let you do anything from choosing food to reading books, with a simple click. The most noticeable difference the internet has brought is the ability to stay in touch with everyone, in such simple ways. This is all thanks to Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. With such outstanding technologies being released, the future looks promising in terms of technology.

The Future

As more existing technologies are created daily, businesses and consumers can expect to see major changes in the upcoming days. Technology will be faster, able to serve more purposes, and work will be done much easily. Devices we use today might evolve to produce better work, and will not be limited to human involvement.

The quicker technology evolves, the better the world will be. New habits will be created and new steps to work together globally will see the day.