Would You Get in a Vehicle with That Driver?

Deciding which drivers to ride with can prove a challenge at times.

Whether you know the individual well or not, does he or she have the driving skills behind the wheel that you trust?

While it is easy to answer that question on people you know well, you may be hesitant at times to ride with them.

Among some of the reasons:

  • They get distracted behind the wheel
  • They drive recklessly, including speeding and zipping in and out of lanes
  • They are prone to incidents of road rage

Those issues and a host of others may make you a little squeamish to go along as a passenger.

No matter what you end up doing, always be sure to feel as comfortable as possible when riding with someone.

Remember, your life could very well depend on it.

Knowing who Your Driver Really is

So that you have a better idea of who you get in the vehicle with each time, remember these pointers:

  • History – For starters, do you know the driver’s history behind the wheel? Unfortunately, some passengers do know one’s history, yet still choose to ride with them. In doing so, they put their own lives on the line (see more below). Always do your best to know who you are in a vehicle with.
  • Search – Would you do a California driving record search or more relevant one depending on where you live? If not, note that such searches can help you get a better idea of drivers before you ride off. Are they going to get you home safe and sound? The online searches are rather easy and inexpensive to do.
  • Actions – If the individual has a habit of big talk and acts through on those words, beware. As mentioned earlier, road rage is an all-too common problem these days. You don’t want to get hurt or worse because someone could not control their emotions while driving. If that person appears to be a risk whenever they drive, think about skipping out on being the passenger.

Being a Helpful Passenger

Even though you’re not expected to contribute anything as a passenger driving; help when you can.

An example would be keeping the driver calm when stuck in traffic.

It can become very easy to get upset, distracted etc. when you are sitting there in a long line of vehicles. Ease the tension in the vehicle by lightening the mood during long trips.

You can also contribute by being the navigator on any road trips.

For many drivers, keeping focused on the road can be a challenge, especially when traffic is high. Help that individual out, overseeing directions when headed somewhere.

Knowing which vehicles to get into as passengers involves a little more thought than you may have anticipated.

While likely to ride with family and friends, other situations may involve thinking.

Whether riding with a co-worker, with a service like Uber or Lyft, and even a shuttle service, stop and think.

If you don’t think you will feel safe as a passenger, no one is forcing you to ride with that individual.

As a result, you can choose another option when all is said and done.