Fine Tuning Your Ecommerce Website

When it comes to fine tuning your e-commerce website, there are several ways to improve your business on the web ... photo by CC user melenita on Flickr

Creating an online business with an ecommerce website is a great way to establish yourself, your products and your commitment to great customer service. However, you cannot have a booming ecommerce business overnight.

It takes a lot of time, effort and strategy to find loyal customers and consistently bring new customers in. If you are looking to fine tune your website to get the most from your ecommerce business, here are some things you can do.

Make Payment Options Easy

An online shopping cart system is the best way to serve your customers because this type of system provides easy use and protections for your customers as well as your own business. The key to have a system that works well for your customers is to understand what type of payment options they want to use.

For a local ecommerce site, options such as credit cards and PayPal can be enough. If you are serving an international customers base, you will want to research alternate payment methods so every customer has a chance to buy from your store.

Suggest Accessories and Similar Products

Every ecommerce website owner knows that the key to getting customers to go through with a purchase is to make the product page simple to understand and visually appealing. A good way to get customers to fill their virtual shopping carts faster is to offer suggestions on the product pages.

These can be for accessories that go with the specific product on that page, or it can be suggestions for similar items that may have the same functions or features, but vary in price or brand. This sales strategy works best for ecommerce websites that sell hundreds or thousands of different products.

Make Customer Service a Priority

The quickest way to make sure a customer never comes back is by ignoring their needs. Having an excellent customer service system in place is the only way that you can acquire and maintain your loyal customer base.

Most customers will expect email responses to questions and complaints, so if you go above and beyond that basic function, they will make an effort to come back. Or if not, they may do you a favor and write a good review online for your website.

Convenience and quick response is essential in customer service online, so provide multiple ways for customers to contact you, and make sure you have the resources to back up a timely response to each inquiry.

Even though you cannot meet face to face with your customers, having a mindset that your ecommerce site can be ran like a brick and mortar store will help you understand the issues that customers have. And getting that kind of feedback will only make your online store better in the long run.