These are the Qualities of Top Engineers

Engineers have jobs that are both demanding and rewarding. They must put in long hours that require intense concentration and be prepared to redo things many times before they are accepted by their superiors. They also get to work with all sorts of cool stuff and people ranging from architects, to designers to developers of all sorts of residential and commercial building projects.

To get a job in this specialized field you need a specific set of skills and qualities that define the career. Not everyone has them but those like Reddy Kancharla who do, and pursue this field find a high paying job with lots of work. Let’s look at the qualities needed to excel as an engineer.

Detail Oriented

Engineering requires very strong attention to details and a desire to get things very exact. Your work will often form the basis for something to be created that will be important. It might be a stairway, a building, or a product that humans interact with directly. As a result you need to be anal about your work being perfect. This requires great focus and an approach of never letting anything big or small get past you. This description will not only apply to you, it will be the case for other engineers you work with and everyone else involved in the projects on which you work.


Engineers use processes that they follow closely to complete their work. These processes dictate what is supposed to happen when and exactly how. They allow the engineer to complete tasks exactly each time and build an effective routine that creates increased efficiency over time. Engineers analyze their work thoroughly and seek to add improvements on the fly. Some of the greatest innovations have happened due to engineers paying close attention and improving a process.

Goal Oriented

Engineers will always be part of a group that works on a project. Therefore their parts always fit in either before or after someone else and there is always someone waiting for the engineer’s results before they can begin their part. For this reason, the engineer must always focus on getting their job done on time or quicker in order to not upset the entire project timeline. The way they do this is by always focusing on getting the job done and never allowing any distractions to take them off their target work or timelines.

Team Work

No engineering project is completed alone and you will need to be able to work as part of a team in order to successfully carve out a career as an engineer. Throughout your career you will be required to pay a variety of roles within the team setting and it is vital that you not only understand the various roles but also how you can best play each one.


Although engineers are trained to act like the best scientists, and to be meticulous and exact, they also must possess creativity in the jobs. They are often charged with imagining something completed or designing something that will solve a particular problem in a unique way. This requires an engineer to call on all of his creative skills and use them to come up with unique and powerful solutions. This creativitiy is a core skill for any engineer.