5 Great Apps You Should Have on Your Phone to Help with Stress

With the fast pace of life that many of us lead these days, it is little wonder that we suffer from such high levels of stress. With work, family, friends, and various other things to juggle, many of us have little time to ourselves and seem to spend most of the time slaving away with not a great deal to look forward to.

When you feel this stressed, even handling simple things such as taking multiple calls on your mobile can become stressful and annoying. This is particularly true if you are getting a lot of unwanted calls such as robocalls but you can easily sort that with the use of a robocall blocking app. However, even if it is friends and family calling, it sometimes seems that you never get a spare minute to yourself.

One of the things that you can do in order to try and relieve the stress and enjoy greater inner peace if to use the variety of apps designed to help make your life less stressful. There are various different ones that you can choose from and many people find that they are extremely effective. So, let’s take a look at some of the top ones.

  • Smiling Mind: This app has been developed by psychologists and provides you with a simple and effective way to learn about and practice meditation. The app comes with simple instructions and can even be used by children as well as adults. You can enjoy a great sense of calm and clarity when you use this app.
  • Mindfulness: This app is aimed at helping with mind training in order to reduce your stress levels. It is quite a unique app with a range of features that enable you to evaluate yourself, benefit from audio exercises, and provides you with simple instructions that can help with training the mind and reducing your stress.
  • Squeeze and Shake Stress Relief: Many of us have seen or used those squeeze stress toys that are designed to help work the muscles in order to relieve tension and stress. Well, now you can have a digital version with this app. It has the same aim as traditional stress toys but with this one is a fun version that you use on your phone.
  • Yoga in Bed: Yoga is known for its stress relief benefits, and with this app you can enjoy doing yoga in bed before you get up and ready each morning. With the help of this app, you should feel more relaxed and far more prepared to face you day.
  • Breathe and Relax: Breathing is a vital part of relieving stress, and with this app you can learn how to breathe properly to help keep stress to a minimum. This includes a range of breathing exercises as well as techniques and other features.

So, try out some of these apps and enjoy reducing the daily stress in your life.