Are Your Employees Properly Certified?


photo by CC user Patsy Lynch via the FEMA photo library

Photo by CC user Patsy Lynch via the FEMA photo library

In order for you to have the best employees possible, it is important that they are properly versed in the tasks that you present to them.

While some companies do not require certifications for the job/s at hand, others do.

That said what level of importance do you place on experience when considering hiring someone for a position within your company? As important as experience surely is, the right attitude and a winning personality should both never be overlooked.

So, are your employees properly certified for your business?

Get the Most Out of Interviews

When it comes right down to it, the interview process is as important as anything you will do as a business owner.

Get the right employees in and you will have a much better chance of satisfying your customers, making for good public relations, and of course increasing your revenue stream.

On the flip side, get the wrong employees in and you can be left with a number of problems, one of which is more financial costs overtime.

So that you can welcome in the best employees, remember to:

  • Take the interview process seriously – Whether you yourself do the interviewing or one or more of your staff gets that responsibility, take it seriously. Those you are considering for positions with your company must in many cases be able to handle a multitude of tasks. They also might have to be properly certified in a number of areas, be it accounting, legal needs, certification for a forklift, website design, EMT’s, personal fitness trainers, medical coding and much more. While some employers will essentially hire for positions that allow training on the job, others want someone that can step in right away and run with the job. No matter which camp your business falls into, never take the interview process lightly. Keep in mind that a revolving employee door actually costs your business more money over time;
  • Keep importance of personality in forefront – You could get the most qualified person in years to apply for a job with your company, yet they could be wrong for one of the most important reasons, their personality. Never underestimate the importance of one’s personality when discussing a possible hire. How they might mesh with other employees is critical, especially in a smaller office environment where workers tend to be closer. If they are not overly personable, that can be a red flag, though not an automatic disqualification. Some workers tend to be rather shy, yet they do a stellar job in what is asked of them. The key you really should be looking for is will they be approachable and able to learn from you and others in the office? If you think the answer might be no, then reconsider them as a possible hire;
  • Do they offer longevity – How many times have you asked or even been asked when you were interviewing in the past about where you see yourself in three or five years? It seems many employers love to ask this question. Yes, you don’t want to hire someone who is essentially using your company as a coffee break in their careers. That said you also can’t expect someone to stay with you for several years if a much better offer comes their way during that time. One of the ways to keep employees with you for the long haul is by offering them incentives, both career and financial. When an employee or potential hire sees that you likely have their best interests at heart, they’re more inclined to roll up their sleeves and give you all they’ve got;
  • Offering more education – Lastly, your business can better position itself to thrive when you offer current and potential employees the ability to further their educations while working with you. More companies are seeing the benefits of such choices, with many employees taking advantage of these opportunities. Yes, it will cost you some funds up front to send an employee or employees for advanced course work, but the benefits can be big for your business down the road.


When looking to see if your employees are properly certified, know that the time and effort you invest in them will likely be returned to you and your company.