Joe Cianciotto Shares His Best Marketing Motivation Tips

Although we are told the economy has recovered, most people still look for ways to supplement their income to a degree. Life is expensive and we always worry about our jobs not being completely secure. One of the ways in which people try to earn an extra income is by working from home. Thanks to the internet, there are numerous opportunities for people to earn a little bit of extra money from home. All of them use what is known as “emotional motivation” to get you involved into the program. Joe Cianciotto feels it is important that people gain an understanding of what emotional motivation is, so that they can determine whether a work from home opportunity is genuine or not.

Joe Cianciotto on Emotional Motivators

You have probably seen advertisements yourself that promise you that you can get rich quick. They tell you that you will barely have to do anything yourself. They also tell you that you have a chance of earning a boat, car, or even fancy home. All of these things work on our emotions, convincing us that they are things we absolutely need and cannot do without. While these things motivate us to get started, however, they don’t motivate us to keep going.

Programs must go beyond emotional motivators are use marketing motivators as well. This is what ensures that once people are in the program, they stay in the program as well. Yet, motivators, at this point, continue to include conference calls and sales meetings, for instance. This is where people are reminded of the lifelong residual income, the luxury cars and vacations becoming available, and the fact that businesses can run on autopilot. However, there comes a point where these promises become empty, and people start to leave

The reason for this is that emotions are always of a passing nature. People want something more to make sure they believe that their efforts are actually producing results. This goes beyond showing them that you had good results. Rather, they need to see their own and they need to see them grow. That is a marketing motivator that actually works.

Ironically, once marketing motivators are in place, emotional motivators become stronger. On the one hand, it is because the original markets believe the emotional motivators that were expressed earlier. On the other hand, it is because they will, themselves, start to use the emotional motivators on the next person down the line.

Motivation is a very complex issue, but is also a vital one in overall marketing. Without it, in fact, it is not possible to keep programs going. At the same time, motivators must also be truths, or they won’t lead to real successes. Finding that balance between making something sound like the best thing since sliced bread, but without lying, can be very difficult. But once you find that balance, the rest will fall into place as well and things will really start to work.