Foods That Make You Bloat

Being you’re best is no harm, what if you come to know that it’s not just the junk which cause you bloat but the fruits and vegetables also does the same thing.

Shocked, right? It’s not the time to get shock but to find out what makes you bloat?

After spending a weekend with friends it is no surprise you feel bloated on Monday morning. It is not because of the high consumption of the food and not even the amount you intake, it is the food you consume cause bloating. Abdominal bloating is not good and embarrassing too. The expansion in the stomach is common but the regular thing will make it worst for you.


Let’s find out what causes you bloat?

Vegetable:  Like we know vegetables are rich in taste, vitamins, iron, fibre but there are other side effects like bloating of the stomach due to consumption of vegetables like onion, carrot, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and these vegetables should be avoided.  The starches present in these vegetables cause bloating gas in the stomach.

Fruits:  The nature’s best sweet comes from the fruit which has high amount of fructose and this would be found more in fruits like watermelon, apricots & prunes. The fruits which are high in Vitamin C like orange, cantaloupe which has high amount of citrus and less of fructose do not affect the stomach.

Grains: The non-digestible substance present in the grains and lentil will react with the immune present in the body. This leads to the bloating and gas in the stomach. Wheat, rye, yellow lentil increase the level of producing gas and fat in the stomach. Adding asafoetida to the preparation will help in reducing the level.

Artificial sweetener: The small intestine gets affected with the artificial sweetener present in the chewing gums; Sorbitol and xylitol cause the bloat & distress in the belly. The other artificial sweetener present in hard candy, desserts and soft drinks are also high. This doesn’t only boat the stomach but also increase the cholesterol in the body.

Nuts:  Almond and dried apricots have a thick level of fructose and fibre which are sensitive for the stomach.  The nuts also cause ferment in the belly and result into fat belly. Nuts are the source for fibre and proteins and high intake of nuts will cause an issue for the stomach. Nuts milk should also be avoided.

The above details will help you to reduce bloating the permanent solution of bloating is nowhere found other than reducing the real fat from the body and the treatment method from Sono Bello will be a magic for those fat belly and the other areas of the body.

Eating right amount of the fruits, vegetable, nuts is good and benefited for the health, stomach being the most sensitive is likely to get affected first.