Do You See the Picture in Promoting Your Brand?

In order to get your brand out in front of as many eyes as possible, it is important that you make sure you give your product as much imagery as available.

One way to go about this is by making sure you have more than just words to go with your marketing messages.


What that means is having a visual presence in a variety of your marketing means, be it brochures, emails, content marketing, blogs, and more.

So, how can you take your branding efforts to new heights in 2016 and beyond with imagery (notably videos)?

Pictures Tell the Story

In order to give your brand some added punch, keep these ideas in mind on how imagery can tell your story to countless consumers, consumers, who you will hope to turn into permanent clients:

  • Message – First and foremost, what is the message that you are trying to impress upon consumers? If you can get that message out there without imagery, it is okay to do that, but always remember that a picture tells a thousand words as oftentimes noted. Look to see how your words and images can be combined to create a message that is second to none, notably your competition;
  • Story – Telling a compelling story to consumers is of utmost importance when trying to make your brand stand out from the competition. One of the ways to have your brand emerge as a go-to product or service for consumers is by incorporating images and videos into your storytelling. When you do this, you leave consumers with a picture and/or video that hopefully resonates with them for days, weeks and even months. If you have not been incorporating images and/or videos into your marketing and advertising stories with great regularity up to now, change that as 2016 unfolds;
  • Images and Videos – While some lines from commercials and television programs/movies stand out to consumers, it is oftentimes the images and/or videos that they gravitate to and ultimately remember. As a result, make sure your pitches include images and videos. With images rather easy to add to brochures, content marketing stories, blog posts etc. it is the video that can be more of a challenge, simply due to the fact it takes more time and effort (including financial resources) to make relevant and ultimately successful. With that in mind, you certainly can opt for outside help such a video production company in Tampa or closer to you. You might also decide that you have the resources better suited for such needs in-house. Keep in mind that skimping on production, i.e. trying to save money and ultimately having a flawed product, will not do you or your brand any good. With that being the case, spend the extra dollars necessary whenever possible to get a professional look and feel to any and all videos efforts you put out there;
  • Short and sweet – Last but not least, always remember that many consumers have short attention spans, so trying to tell them a long-winded story via video will oftentimes leave you coming up short in getting new business or retaining what you already have. Whether you are pitching consumers on desktop or laptop computers or mobile devices, your videos should deliver the message in a short amount of time, not dragging on and on, ultimately losing the consumer in his or her busy schedule. Another important item to remember is that your video/s must be free of any glitches, notably breaks in the message, broken links when people try to download the material etc. While you may be inclined to rush your video message out to consumers, what good does it do you if the video looks far from professionally done? What you ultimately end up with a message that doesn’t deliver a clear picture of what your brand is all about and why consumers should buy it over any other competitor’s product or service?

As the New Year unfolds and brands look at compelling ways to tell their stories in 2016, it is important that many of them look to see how imagery and notably videos can make a world of difference in delivering those messages.