Designing Packaging with Standout Appeal

Designing packaging like this new edition of Monopoly can breath life into an old brand ... photo by CC user andymangold on Flickr

Do you remember when Jennifer Lopez wore that plunging green dress to that award show a few years ago? The world took notice of the dress because it was innovative and daring and then the world took notice of J.Lo because she was confident enough to wear such a dress.

Well, product packaging works just the same way – the packaging is like clothing, it is the first impression of the product you are selling and often the deciding factor in purchasing. If the packaging stands out, it will get more attention. However, if the packaging is dull, it may get passed over. You see, the design of the package stimulates initial interest and subconsciously influences the consumer to consign value to the product inside.

Of course, you being the business owner want your products to stand out and get the attention that it deserves – to do this, you cannot just create awesome products, you must also create awesome packaging.

4 Steps to Designing Packaging with Standout Appeal:

  • Partner with quality packaging companies: There is nothing less appealing to a consumer than products housed in packaging that breaks easily or that looks low-quality. Therefore, you need to find a custom product packaging company that offers high-quality boxes along with vibrant printing options at a price that fits within your budget. In addition, it is highly recommended that you should hire a graphic designer to help you design your packaging if you do not have a creative background.
  • Conveys the product details: The packaging of your product needs to clearly communicate the details of the product inside. Consumers should not be confused by your packaging, instead they should be awed by it and instantly drawn to learn more about your products and your brand.
  • Innovative design: Because the world is filled with “copy-cat” products, you have to go the extra mile and create innovative and original packaging so that your box of goodies stand out more than the other options. Take Thelma’s Cookies for example – they are a mom and son small business that sells homemade ice cream sandwiches and cookies. Knowing that their treats are nothing new, they decided to design clever packaging to house a dozen of their homemade cookies. It is a box that looks like a retro stove/oven – there are four “burners” on the top and the cookies slide out the “oven”. The design is sleek, appealing and completely innovative.
  • Packaging must be emotive: Your packaging needs to be emotive – it is not enough for consumers to pick up your product, look at your packaging and put it back on the shelves. The packaging has to speak to the consumer enough so that they make the decision to purchase.  To help influence purchase, avoid cluttering your packaging with offensive graphic and unnecessary fluff. Additionally, as “eco-friendly and waste-free” continues to trend it will help if your packaging is made from recyclable or reusable materials.

It is important for the life of your business to create buzz around your brand, and that buzz starts with your product packaging. Consumers are overflowing with options, however, you have the power to create packaging with stand-out and get your products noticed.