Information You Need for Filing a Tax Return

Nobody enjoys the process of filling out your tax return but like many things in life, you simply have no choice, not if you want to stay in line with the law that is. When the time comes around for filing your taxes you need to be fully prepared with all the information that you will need about the income and expenditure of your business as well as your personal information. Making mistakes on your tax return is something that you should avoid, those who understand business like George Bardwil also understand the importance of an accurate tax return that avoids wasting time making corrections. Here is the the information you need for completing your tax return.


Getting the Right Information

In terms of income there are a number of documents that you will need, remember that the best method to adopt when filing your return is to provide as much info as you can. Here is what you are going to need. 

  • Savings and Investments, Dividends
  • Other Income and Losses

–   Social Security Number

  • Self Employment Information
  • Rental Income
  • Retirement Income

–   Details of Spouse (Tax ID or Social Security Number)

  • Information of Dependents
  • Proof of Income or Unemployment

Make time to look for proof of these details well ahead of time.

Information for Deductions

Most people aren’t aware of just how much they can deduct from their taxes and for what reasons, in this regard it is better to use professionals or software to seek out what deductions are available to you. The information that you need to have at hand regarding making deductions are as follows:

  • Childcare Expenses
  • Educational Expenses
  • Job Expenses
  • Home Ownership
  • Charitable Donations
  • Medical Expenses
  • State and Local Taxes
  • Sales Tax
  • Retirement and Savings
  • Federally Declared Disaster
  • Health Insurance  

Decide How You Will File

There are 3 ways available to complete your tax return, you can use tax completion software, you can hire a professional or you can stick to the pen and paper route, the choice is yours. Hiring a professional will naturally cost you money but it will give you a go-to person for any questions or concerns that you may have such as which codes to use and what you can deduct. The pen and paper option will give you sole control of your tax return and you will need to seek advice for any issues. Tax completion software is becoming far more popular and they often make it far easier for people to understand how to go about completing their forms.

Putting the time in to preparing your tax return before you begin to file it will save you a great deal of stress and time. There is little worse than trying to fill in your tax information when you don’t have the details at hand and can’t access them quickly. Good bookkeeping should be encouraged anyway but it is during the time of filling out your tax return that you will be most thankful that everything is in order.